We can talk forever about our awareness of the bigger picture and what it might mean to be spiritual but maybe we need to ground our awareness in a heartfelt demonstration of living this way.

If we are truly opening our heart with each other things will be changing and life will hold more joy, stability and fulfilment.  Talking about our awareness does not change things. It’s actually experiencing ourselves physically letting go of our judgements, beliefs and behaviours so our natural way can come about…and people we are connected to will feel freer around their relationship with us.

Sometimes we think we are a certain way yet the more we let go a deeper level of self is exposed where freedom is important to us as it allows the truth to flow around our love.  It’s not a big deal and doesn’t come with any bells or whistles. It is very simple, subtle and almost could be overlooked for the more ego based side of us that wants to be acknowledged or recognised by others.

It is a beautiful thing to simply be with someone and not offer solutions or want to tell your story.  Just to listen deeply and receive their energy is a gift, regardless of whether we understand what they are saying or not.   When we really listen it expands our energy and perspectives and we can get the sense of what they are really saying without having to say too much.

It’s so fulfilling and joyful to share energy this way. The veils and masks come down between each other and a natural flow of energy exchanges between human beings beyond the stories told.

It is so simple but many of us keep ourselves protected, secrets hidden or  ownership of people is taken which restricts the true connection and stops our natural flow with each other. Our mind has so many conditions and restrictions on why we can or cannot freely let each other in to our heart.
What if there are specific connections with others that just are …an “isness” between two people that is beyond comprehension yet completely felt. No explanation, just allowing ourselves to flow to another with our natural energy cycle without confinement.
The simplicity is we all want to be together. Togetherness is not just a coupling it is inclusive of everyone and there is no ownership. It is our natural state to share and anywhere in our lives where we feel misunderstood or upset will probably be because we feel left out, not good enough or don’t fit in.

When we feel together without restriction everything we thought was so important drops away into the small picture and our lives can flow with the freedom they are meant to. ….and with the release of our natural energy we feel the oneness of who we are which is…unconditional love.

Jilly Gabrielson

April 2017

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