The ‘Shiny Bit’

I just finished doing a workplace wellbeing session with someone who told me he liked going for the “shiny” parts of the job because this is where he was acknowledged.  He’d sometimes leave the detail unfinished if it got too hard, as he knew someone else in the organisation would come along and ‘pick up the slack’. 

When the person who helped complete the task would say, “hey mate, I completed that for you!” he would say thanks, but be resentful underneath, for being ‘criticised’!

He had never seen this pattern before and likened it to the Captain of the boat, standing resplendent at the helm getting all the accolades,  while the grinder, who gets the sails up, so the boat can move, gets very little acknowledgement.

The ‘grinder’ knows in his heart what he is doing, and is proud to do his part to contribute to the movement of the vessel.  A good captain knows what every team member is doing and can feel when their ‘heart’ and ‘head’ are fully invested, as it brings about an added power!

Anywhere in our life where we are chasing one ‘mindset’, the ‘shiny bit’, will come undone.  Only when we acknowledge our ‘whole’ self (emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually), will we realise the ‘shiny’ bit, is not the result, getting there was!

Love Jilly 

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