Growing scientific and energetic evidence is revealing the harmful effects electromagnetic radiation can have on our bodies, particularly our nervous and immune systems. Some of you may notice how tired you feel when on the computer for too long, or even the kids getting overstimulated, or “zoned out” when they are on their tablets, or mobile devices for long periods of time. Our bodies are not used to this unnatural stimulation, particularly young children, and our body’s systems constantly need to cope with this increasing exposure.


What do we need to do?

Apart from emotional well-being, Bright Spark Health’s mission is to also create a crystal-clear living and work space that supports physical health and reduces stress. To create healthy environments that work to improve your home, workspace, and life, we need to harmonise the toxic positive ions found in all technical and electrical devices, into natural, healthy negative ions.



Awareness is the first step which is being open to the possibility there may be some effect on your body of constant technology exposure. From there do your research and find the best product or device to help protect you and your family from EMR. I did this and found Orgone products over 15 years ago.
When my son was younger I found him sleeping with his mobile under his pillow. No matter how much I tried to change the behaviour, he would still want his mobile near him. That is when I researched and found a company doing amazing things with EMR called, Orgone Effects. The difference with this company is the technology is about “harmonisation”, which means the energy is changed, not just protected or blocked. Toxic energy emitted from devices actually
changes into negative ions, which is like the energy carried by the mountains and oceans and ceases to threaten the body’s electrical field.




Founded in 2000 in Melbourne, Orgone Effects is the sole manufacturer of the Orgonium range of EMF harmonising products. The extensive range of products represents over 20 years of Intuitive Building Biology Consultancy experience and advanced EMF knowledge. We are also the first harmoniser manufacturer to integrate Kinesiology with meridian audits along with Bioresonance test

Trusted by Health Practitioners Orgone products are recommended and distributed by accredited health professionals worldwide, such as
Integrated Medical Practitioners, Bio-Resonance Practitioners, Naturopaths, Chiropractors and Kinesiologists.

How Do They Work?

Radiation Harmonisers neutralize the positive charge, which is the harmful component of any noxious EMF field. This includes Earth Radiation fields and human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation fields caused by human physical or emotional distress. The Geoclense Home Harmoniser is a radiation harmoniser that neutralizes the charged field from EMF by dominating the copper wiring with a negative charge frequency that neutralizes the positive
charge frequency – the harmful component of any noxious EMF.  The field is then in sympathy with the human energy field thus preventing meridian and organ stress and hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances.

The resin block, which produces the negative charge frequency, is a man-made crystal that has undergone an energising and programming process that is unique to Orgone.



Most people, when they think of measuring the effects of anything to do with EMF, reach straight for the Gauss meter or RF meter. However, you cannot get a change in the reading using an EMF meter when assessing the effects of any type of EMF harmonizer, including the Geoclense EMF meters reading the wave strength, however, they do not accurately indicate the actual charged field. EMF meters are used to test the reduction in wave strength which is what EMF shielding does show. 


This instantly leads one to think that the Harmoniser is not actually doing anything, however, this is not the case as Harmonisers cannot be tested with an EMF meter.  The EMF harmonizing effect can be easily demonstrated in other ways with modalities such as a Kinesiology audit of the effect on meridian strength, across a range of meridians, not just a strength test. 


The procedure would go something like this: First, a person would be placed within a charged field, for example, an EMF field from a smart meter, and an audit of meridians is performed to see which meridians and organs are affected by the EMF. Then, the Geoclense is plugged into a power point which neutralizes the +charged EMF from the smart meter. The same meridian audit is then carried out which would now show that the original meridians and organs, which went into stress without the Geoclense did not go into stress. A Bio-Resonance machine such as a Bicom or Mora can also be used in a similar way.  


There are other scientific tools used for assessing the effectiveness of a harmonizer such as the Biotensor developed by German Dr. Joseph Oberbach. The Biotensor trademark class description is “Medical Instrument Products” and its trademark description is “A Medical apparatus and instrument being for the detection of harmful radiation”. His company Bioplasma GmbH, describes
the Biotensor as a polarized test device that can display energetic states of electrical, magnetic and atomic structures in nature.

The Biotensor is one of my own favourite EMF testing tools which I use in my Building Biology Consultancy work. Another scientific instrument used for assessing the effectiveness of a harmonizer is the Lecher Antenna, developed by Austrian physicist Ernst Lecher.  An independent Lecher Antenna test in a building AFTER a Geoclense installation: – By inserting the Geoclense and measuring with the Lecher Antenna, it was confirmed that it is possible to reach the following frequencies: 

  • Digital TV’s.
  • Smart Meters.
  • Electrical appliances.
  • Fluorescent lighting.
  • Microwave ovens.
  • Baby monitors.
  • Wi-Fi routers and modems.
  • Cordless and mobile phones.
  • Bluetooth devices.
  • Laptops and tablets.
  • Solar panel inverters.
  • 4G and 5G tower emissions.
  • High voltage power lines.
  • Artificial heating and cooling.
  • Out-gassing from floors, paint, carpets etc.
  • Noxious resonance from mould and fungus.
  • Imprints from previous occupants emotional distress.

Also Earth Radiation (Geopathic Stress) produced by…

  • Earth fissures.
  • Seismic fault lines.
  • Underground water veins.
  • Drinking water, sewer, storm and grey water pipes. (Any water in a contained pipe/space creates a noxious Positive Ion resonance).
  • Radioactive geological matter (Uranium and Coal).
  • Hartman, Curry, Benker and 400 Mtre Magnetic Grid Lines.


Our range of EMF harmonizing products mitigates over 30 different types of radiation fields, making its capabilities unique to any other products in the market.

With years of advanced knowledge of EMFs in different spaces, our products neutralize not only typical EMFs like 5G, but lesser-known EMFs such as human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation and Solar & Planetary Radiation-induced Geoelectric ground currents.

  • Only one Geoclense® per property or building is needed, including multi-level houses
  • The Stellar Dome® is only recommended above the Geoclense® if you have mould in the roof cavity, or have living spaces in your vaulted ceiling
  • Does not require central location placement or consume any electrical supply
  • Vast boundary range that harmonises both small and large properties
  • Harmonises over 30 different sources of noxious EMF fields, including radiation caused by 5G (view list here)
  • Neutralises Earth Radiation, human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation, and Solar and Planetary energy imprints that may silently affect your emotional well-being and long-term health.
  • Created with over 20 years of Intuitive Building Biology Consultancy experience
  • Clinically tested and proven for effectiveness by Accredited health professionals worldwide
  • Encourages healthy growth of fruit and vegetables on a property by removing imprinting of radioactive minerals in the soil
  • Protects both plant and animal life on the property
  • Lifelong investment as the negative charge never decays

Customer Reviews  

For as long as I can remember, I have always been sensitive to electromagnetic stress. Since purchasing the Orgone Home Harmoniser, I definitely feel less “fuzzy” and scattered and more calm and peaceful, with an inner sense of stillness and harmony I didn’t feel before. Our home feels lighter and clearer. I feel the whole family sleeps more soundly, and overall, the children seem more calm and centred.

Rochelle Evenden – New South Wales, Australia

We have had our Home Harmoniser for around seven years now. We have actually become so accustomed to its balancing benefits that we cannot live without it! We take our Geoclense with us when we go on holiday or to stay with family and friends. The harmoniser allows us to stay in a state of natural balance without the interference of man-made electro currents. When we do not use our Geoclense we do not sleep soundly and can often suffer from insomnia.
The Geoclense Home Harmoniser makes our home feel like a sanctuary, a place where we can feel in harmony at all times, undisturbed by the outside world.

Kirsty Smith – Annette Daley Designs


“When people come to my home they say they feel a sense of peace and calm. I did notice the difference, too, when I took the Geoclense to the Seaway Tower where I work which as you can imagine is teeming with EMR with all the phone towers on the building. It seemed to make a difference to the energy in the building, and my co-workers even commented at the time of how peaceful they felt.

At times, the noise around my house can be very irritating with drills, jackhammers, lawn mowers, leaf blowers and edge trimmings going off outside. Thankfully I have the energy of the Geoclense to keep me calm.”
Robbi, Broadbeach, Queensland


“We have had our Geoclense for around seven years now. We have actually become so accustomed to its balancing benefits that we cannot live without it!

We take our Geoclense with us when we go on holidays or to stay with family and friends. Our Geoclense allows us to stay in a state of natural balance without the interference of man-made electro currents. When we do not use our Geoclense we do not sleep soundly and can often suffer from insomnia.

The Geoclense makes our home feel like a sanctuary, a place where we can feel in harmony at all times, undisturbed by the outside world.”
Kirsty Smith, Annette Daley Designs


“As I have had the Geoclense for so long, I had forgotten how I was before using it.  It works in a subtle way so one does not notice it.

I do recall when I was using the Geoclense at my parent’s place at a time of great stress, I remember how I started to feel like I could cope, so I do believe in its properties.

When I am at home with it quietly working its magic on me, I always sleep better and feel happy and at peace.”
Marilyn, Toowoomba, Queensland


“I have had the Geoclense for some years now and I am very pleased it is there to protect my family from the various devices in our home which includes laptops, tablets, a printer using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Smart TVs, smartphones. And not to mention, of course, being surrounded by Wi-Fi and goodness knows what else living in Sydney.

I would never want to be without it and I am very pleased someone took the time to tell me about the Geoclense. With so much radiation around us, it is so important to have a Geoclense in the home.”
Dragana, Sydney


“Thanks for the Stellar Dome.  We have felt an energy shift since adding it to the home.”
Nick, Deans Marsh, Western Victoria

We are both utterly shocked and blown away by the immediate results. Our phones are always cold, they don’t get horribly hot. We both feel better too, we always had headaches and felt fatigued and drained. Since placing them in our phone cases we have noticed physical, and emotional changes. 

We are so impressed I’ve just spent a small fortune buying more products and I’m sure it won’t be the last order I place.  Thank you SO MUCH for your products.
Sammie Hogarth, Sydney, N.S.W.

I’m definitely feeling a difference with the mobile phone harmonizer, as I drink my coffee and read the news on my phone … no longer a buzzing feeling in my legs or stomach, nor aching in my hand! 👍 thanks again x
Rochelle, Queensland.

The Cell Phone Harmonizers are wonderful – I don’t feel the positive ion “push” coming from my phone anymore.
K. Kauffman

I purchased the mobile phone harmoniser, my goodness, I can feel the difference already.  Outstanding products. Thank you so much 🙂
Lisa Kemp

Thank you for the Mobile Phone Radiation Harmonizer.  I have put it on my iPhone and I no longer get a headache.  Thank you!
Danielle Brown


A number of years ago, I became concerned about getting a “hot-ear” from my mobile phone. I then researched and bought various products which didn’t seem to make any difference. I eventually came across the Bright Spark Health website and I bought the Mobile Phone Radiation Harmoniser. No more hot-ear!  It worked brilliantly.
P. Ferguson, Kinesiologist, Yarra Junction, Vic.


Thank you for the Mobile Phone Radiation Harmoniser.  I have put it on my iPhone and I no longer get a headache or hot head.  Thank you!
D. Brown, Brisbane


Previously, I used to use a competitors’ product.  I tried it on my upgraded 3G phone but it delivered no benefit whatsoever.  ZILTCH!  I received my Orgone Effects EMF sticker for my phone today, tried it out, and noticed no heating up or buzzing effects in the ear. Normally it would fry my ear.  I’m relieved to know that it now has no harmful emissions and it’s added peace of mind that my body is not absorbing the dangerous radiation with this mobile phone sticker. I am recommending this product to my family.
Lee – Melbourne



Since having had my house cleansed with the Geoclense installed in the electrical circuit, I have been waking up feeling awake for the first time in my life (55 years of waking up feeling as tired as when I went to bed is a good point of reference!). I can’t thank him enough. I know that the Home Harmoniser has made a difference because I have used many other methods of healing and protection, and nothing has made the astounding difference that I am now experiencing. All the phones in my house are also harmonised which is also helping.

Dr. Jessica Read, London, UK


“I am an NES Health Practitioner and Energy Healer and I have been using all the Orgone products now for over 5 years.  I use them personally in my home and in my clinic.  I love them all.  People say that when they enter my Healing House it is like a Temple as they feel the serenity and calmness.  I have very energy-sensitive clients who have noticed a huge difference when wearing the protection pendants and when plugging in the Home Harmoniser in their homes. I am very energy-sensitive as well so I carry the Orgone Stellar Dome with me wherever I go and I always feel protected, calm and balanced I notice that the people around me have the same


Jan Smith, NES Health Practitioner, Energy Healer, Mildura, Australia

EMR Health Products

Products That May Help Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Sleeplessness & Improve Immunity

Some of us are more sensitive and can unknowingly be affected by spending too much time with technology. The symptoms of EMR overload can be stress, anxiety, low immunity, poor sleep, headaches, dizziness and general lack of energy. 


Over years of research I found these Orgone EMR products that harmonise the toxic field of EMR positive ions emitted from everything technical and electrical into healthy negative ions (replicating nature like the ocean and mountains).  This process is called harmonisation and happens through changing the frequency, similar to when a radio station crackles and is off the station, then when tuned in to the right frequency you can clearly hear it.

To help with your Wellbeing we have included EMR devices for your Mobile, Laptop, Computer, Tablet, Baby Monitor, Home, Car and Personal Protection should you relate to this information.  

BonaOrgone mobile phone harmoniser
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I spend a lot of time on my phone for work and could never have a conversation with the phone against my ear as it would burn up and I'd start getting a headache. I've tried other phone radiation prevention devices in the past and I still had this issue. Since using this Orgone Phone Protection, my ear doesn't burn up anymore and I also don't get tingles in my arms like I used to get when holding the phone. Definitely the best and only one that worked for me and a bonus that it's also more affordable!
BonaOrgone stellar dome
Read More
I've found the Stellar Dome absolutely amazing! I couldn't believe such a small device could make such a big difference to my life. I used to wake up about 4 or 5 times a night whenever I used my laptop past 6pm. I felt anxious and buzzy in the head and had troubles falling asleep. Since having the Stellar Dome I sleep through the night and wake up feeling well rested and energised. And the best thing is that I can take it with me wherever I go, it's my new best friend! I also have the Geoclense and they go so well together, everyone who comes to our house says how lovely and light the energy feels since I've had these.
BonaOrgone harmonised energy plates
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We all drink A LOT of water in my family and know how important good water is since we got the Emoto book - The True Power of Water. I was amazed to discover these Orgone Plates as they can be used for food as well! Our water now goes through the filter then I put my glass or bottle of water on the plate for a minute before drinking. I also do this with my tea or coffee and food as well and my 4 year old son has started 'energising' his little plant on it too - so cute 🙂 The water tastes and feels better! I drink 3-5 litres a day and love knowing it's been infused with pure energy.
GregOrgone Home Harmoniser
Read More
I've bought the Geoclense along with the Stellar Dome and I'm so happy to know my family is safe, especially from the new 5G rollout. I work from home and spend a lot of time on the computer with the wi-fi on and the smart tv going sometimes and it's concerned me since I've been told by 3 seperate naturopaths that I have extreme levels of radiation in my body. I had troubles sleeping on any night I was on the laptop past 6pm. I first bought the Geoclense and felt safe to know we are protected. But then I also bought the Stellar Dome and have had the best sleep ever since! I don't wake up at all through the night and wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated. I can't recommend these products enough, thank you!!
MareeRose Quartz Braclette
Read More
I don't like wearing any jewellery but I couldn't resist buying this crystal bracelet as it not only looks good - it protects me and my 4 year old son - everywhere we go from wi-fi & 5G EMF Radiation. I love the soft calming energy of the rose quartz and that it protects us 10m around.
Maree family mobile protection pack
Read More
Being a health practitioner, I've been concerned about the effects of radiation - especially 5G! My daughter knew about my concerns and bought me a radiation protection pendant from Phone Radiation Chips for my birthday, which introduced me to these amazing products. I then purchased the family mobile protection pack to cover all my devices and of course, one for my daughter. Thanks Jilly for looking after us! Clint Smith, Noosaville.
Marc Brightorgone mobile phone harmoniser
Read More
A natural solution for phone radiation protection - when you can't avoid technology or fight it! I'm so glad I found you at Noosa Marina Markets as this is exactly what I've been looking for. I'm constantly on my phone taking videos & photos for my nature tour business and was concerned about the health effects.
J Walkerfamily mobile pack
Read More
Just want to thank you for the phone stickers. I am constantly on the phone with my job and I didn't realise how stressed I felt until I put the sticker on the back of my phone and it felt completely different. I'm a bit of a cynic when it comes to these types of things but I knew my body was struggling everytime I would have a long conversation on the phone. It has really made a difference to my stress levels. I've also put them on my laptop and tablet. J. Walker - Sydney
T. Warnerorgone geoclense home harmoniser
Read More
I purchased the home harmoniser early last year and really felt the difference in my unit. There was a definite lighter and brighter feeling in my place. I know that sounds funny, but it felt clearer and more alive. I just wanted to check that I am covered for 5G?
reviews reviews 100% E11 Yvonne Yvonne Turn on screen reader support To enable screen reader support, press Ctrl+Alt+Z To learn about keyboard shortcuts, press Ctrl+slashfamily mobile pack
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I couldn't believe it really. As soon as I applied the mobile harmoniser to my phone and made a call, my head stopped getting hot. I also used to get a very faint buzzing in the background when I used my phone which also stopped. I would highly recommend the Orgone Mobile disc, couldn't be without it now! Yvonne, Sunshine Coast
Helen Orgone plate
Read More
I bought the large Orgone plate for my kitchen and have got into a habit of placing everything I eat or drink on the plate. I find things taste better, especially liquids. I also put one in the bathroom and keep my toothpaste (organic) and supplements on it to negatively charge everything I am ingesting. Thank you, it just makes me feel better. Helen - Sydney
J L WalkerOrgone Enersoles.
Read More
I just wanted to say how helpful I have found the Orgone Enersoles. I travel to a lot of health expos and am on my feet for 4 days in a row without a break. Previously my legs would be so tired and sore that it would take me days to recover. With the soles in my shoes my legs don't even get tired or sore and I have noticed my energy levels are much higher generally. They have also lasted for 4 years. Time to get another pair!
JulieOrganic Skin Care
Read More
I have been using these natural skin care products for sometime now and have really noticed the difference with my skin. It is definitely more hydrated, clearer and seemingly less lines. I rapt! Julie - Sunshine Coast
Julie - Sunshine CoastOrganic Cleanser
Read More
I have tried so many cleansers at different times and I have to say that the Natural Face cleanser is my favourite. I absolutely love it because it gently cleans my face and at the same time feels like it is deeply cleansing as well. My face feels so clean and soft afterwards and my moisturer seems to penetrate deeper. Thank you.
Paula CarmodyOrgone Bamboo Throw
Read More
Just arrived and I love it! So soft, luxurious and a beautiful colour, I got the aqua one.
Clint SmithOrgone Pendant
Read More
" I suffer from gut issues that are sometimes created by stress. I have found wearing my orgone pendant helps to relax my system and I tend to get less episodes than previously experienced. I swim nearly every day and there is no problem getting it wet, it just seems to keep me feeling more centered and stable." Thanks
John WOrgone Bear
Read More
Just letting you know I bought an Orgone Bear for my elderly mum and she just loves it. She sits it on her bed and I'm sure she cuddles it at night. I don't feel much but even I noticed some kind of warm energy and a relaxing feeling when I held it.
J. RobertCabin Harmoniser
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“I work in corporate and am always travelling overseas. Since purchasing the Cabin Harmoniser I have really noticed the difference as previously I would feel very tired being in the aircraft cabin for so long. Now I seem to arrive at my destination fresher and less stressed. I also keep it with me in my laptop bag so I'm always covered for EMF & 5G wherever I go. Even if it's fishing! Thanks - it works for me!” J. Robert - Sydney
GavinFlower Of Life Pendant
Read More
I bought this orgone pendant sometime ago and I just wanted to let you know how much it has helped me. I wear in all the time and it seems to have settled my stress down along with generally feeling more together and stable.
L. Crawford - MelbourneCar Harmoniser
Read More
I also bought the Car Harmoniser and instantly felt the difference in the car. I am very sensitive and would feel sickish when I was in the car for a long time. Now there is no problem. I don't even notice feeling anything, I just enjoy the drive. I've had this car problem for a long time and the only thing that has changed is the car harmoniser so it definitely works for me.
JG Seed of Life orgone necklace
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I purchased the Seed of Life orgone necklace from you a little while ago and wanted to say how impressed I have been with it. I was a little cynical about whether I would feel any difference when I wore it or not, but I really do. I'm not as stressed, feel more centered and just able to relax more. Thankx
Lee C. orgone shell pendant.
Read More
Just a quick note to thank you for my orgone shell pendant. As soon as I put it on I could feel the difference. I'm normally quite anxious but I feel more stable when I wear it. Thanks for your help.
B.Y. - Sunshine Coast orgone family pack
Read More
Just wanted to let you know, I did my research to find the best deal I could on the orgone products and this pack was the best value. It covers all my family's needs with their mobiles, laptops and tablets along with our home and workplace. Thanks for making it affordable.
J. Walker - SydneyTooth Tonc
Read More
I went to the dentist and had my gums measured as they were receding, 3 months later, after using the Tooth Tonic morning and night I went back to the same dentist and had my gums measured. They had actually slightly grown back. Oral hygiene is so important for good health...I'm so happy I found this wonderful product.
Lisa AEnerband
Read More
I work in a physical job and wanted to wear something that protected me from the toxic environment I am constantly exposed to. The enerband works brilliantly and doesn't get in the way. I find I have more energy, less headaches and feel generally less stressed.
C. Bradley - Qld5G Pack
Read More
Got this pack cause I was worried about 5G. Perfect for me with home harmoniser, I could really feel the difference when I plugged it in. Felt like I just calmed down, didn't realise I was stressed! Love wearing the pendant and the mobile chip is great as I no longer get a hot head when I use my mobile. Highly recommend.
J. Robert - CanberraStellar Dome,
Read More
I just wanted go thank you for Stellar Dome, I can really feel the difference when I work with this is my space. I have a very stressful job with a lot of travel. Now I feel so much less stress and like an inner calm that was not present before.
J. Harold - PerthStellar Dome,
Read More
Bought this for both of us and wanted to say thank you as I feel it has not only helped us physically, but also emotionally. Less stress=better life!
Lisa AOrgone Flower of Life Pendant
Read More
I love my Orgone Flower of Life Pendant and wear it all the time. I'm a Neurolink Therapist and the energetics of the pendant help to stabilise my energy to treat others. I also have the Rose Quartz Bracelet:)
L. Aliprandi - Neurolink Therapist Stellar Dome
Read More
Had to let you know the difference it has made to my work space having the Stellar Dome. I am a Neurolink Practitioner and have found the results I am able to get with my clients has seemed to be enhanced by having a clear, emr free environment. I now have installed a Stellar Dome in my home as well. Thank you
Lisa A - Gold CoastStellar Pendant
Read More
I was unsure how effective the Stellar Pendant was till I started wearing it. OMG, the difference is day and night when you start wearing it and then your body seems to recalibrate and you stop feeling the difference, only a steady nuturing feeling. I really love it.
Matthew Shields, Registered Nurse, GDV Practitioner, Albury, N.S.W.Stellar Pendant
Read More
In regards to the results of the Stellar Pendant, I have never tested such a product in 15 years of personal research that has such a profound effect on the human energy field (aura). The results I found literally shocked me. I have tested many energy enhancers/shielding devices/crystals/sacred geometry/colours etc., none of these has come close to the effect of the pendant on such a large basis and cross section of the public. I think the pendant is a very exciting tool that has the ability to bring energetic/physical health to all people.
Jeanette McKenzieStellar Pendant
Read More
Since wearing my pendant I’ve noticed my tinnitus has reduced in severity. Within the first couple of days the tinnitus backed right off, to a low buzz, not sure if it’s due the pendant or coincidence, but I’m not taking it off to find out.
Bona Y.Orgone School Pack.
Read More
Hello, I wanted to thank you so much for the School Pack. I have noticed my son now comes home more relaxed and happier. I'm not sure it's that he carries the small dome in his backpack and the mobile disc is on his tablet that is making this change, but I definitely feel happier that he is looked after.
P. CarmodyOrgone Bamboo Blanke
Read More
I can't tell you how much I am enjoying my blanket. I use it all the time particularly when I'm watching TV. It feels so nurturing and I know I am protected from radiation at the same time. I want to buy one for my dad who is not well. I'll be in touch.
Jack WalkerOrgone Sri Yantra necklace
Read More
Got this Orgone Sri Yantra necklace for Christmas. It is amazing, as soon as I put it on I could feel the energy. I am a bit skeptical about these things but that is why I decided to do a review. Things are changing in my life and it helps if I am more open. Thanks, I will be buying for me next time!
Clint SStella Dome
Read More
Having the dome in my daughters backpack and the mobile chip on her tablet has helped her be more settled at school and in particular in the classroom. Thank you for these products to help with the EMR infiltration.
Y. MasonYoga harmoniser.
Read More
Just a quickie to let you know I love the Yoga harmoniser. I have been doing yoga in different studios for a long time. The patch definitely helps to lighten and clear the space!
J WalkerHome Harmoniser
Read More
Just wanted to share with you the difference I felt when I plugged the Home Harmoniser into the wall. I actually felt the space clearing and kind of smoothing out. It's weird but I have stopped feeling as anxious and stressed at home. I don't know how it works other than a harmonising charge is carried through the wiring and creates a natural negative ion frequency. I don't have to understand how it works, I just wanted to let you know I have experienced physical results that have made me happier.
J WalkerHome Harmoniser
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Just wanted to share with you the difference I felt when I plugged the Home Harmoniser into the wall. I actually felt the space clearing and kind of smoothing out. It's weird but I have stopped feeling as anxious and stressed at home. I don't know how it works other than a harmonising charge is carried through the wiring and creates a natural negative ion frequency. I don't have to understand how it works, I just wanted to let you know I have experienced physical results that have made me happier.
Jack Family Pack
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Hi, I am very happy with the Family Pack of Mobile Harmonisers I purchased recently. I'm particularly impressed with the one I put on my laptop, so when I have it on my knees, it no longer tingles and makes me feel hot. Thanks
Edie K:) - Perth, Western AustraliaOrgone Sterling Silver Pendants
Read More
I love the Orgone Sterling Silver Pendants, I have the Sri Yantra and my sister has the Tree of Life. It's funny that you just feel normal when you wear them, but when you don't, you feel like something is missing. Also I have noticed I don't get that hothead feeling when I use my mobile phone.
Cathy V - Sydney NSW home harmoniser
Read More
Really happy with this home harmoniser. I live in an apartment in Pyrmont and find I have been getting extremely tired after being on the computer all day. The geoclense has stopped this happening. I now seem to have more energy and less tiredness. I also like that it subtly fits my decor.
Cathy V - Sydney NSWOrgone bamboo blanket
Read More
This is the best product I have bought in a long time. I have not had it off me. I feel nurtured, healed and safe with this beautiful Orgone blanket. I absolutely love it. Btw, I have ordered the Dusty Pink for a gift for my friend who is a massage therapist for her and her clients.
Patricia - Northern Beaches, Sydney Christmas Dome
Read More
I received the Christmas Dome as a gift and I can't tell you how happy I am. I didn't realise these products existed and to be honest I was a bit skeptical, however I have never slept better in the last week. I'm sure it is the dome, as nothing else has changed! I am also interested in the one for my mobile, tablet and compurter..
Workplace Wellbeing Programs

Creating healthy, cohesive, caring workplaces is now paramount in all businesses as we move into an often disconnected hybrid model. Traditional HR often cannot bring heartfelt care and greater understanding to empower individuals as processes are sometimes restrictive. Awareness is well-being and we help individuals want to take responsibility for themselves and their contribution to co-creating healthy workplaces whether at work or home.

Wellbeing Program Download Available In "Shop" or personally presented by Bright Spark Health