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Personal Wellbeing Programs

While many stress and health issues can be attributed to lifestyle, environment, or diet. Emotional health plays a major factor in our general wellbeing. 


Without addressing “pushed down” emotions, our mind, and body cannot find a healthy balance. 


When we become energetically freer we create more internal space for our natural flow of giving and receiving with self and others.

Personal Services Bright Spark Health
Personal Services Bright Spark Health

Jilly creates a safe and confidential environment for clients to discover what is holding them back from gaining internal freedom and greater emotional awareness.  This discovery brings all relationships back to integrity and authenticity.




  • Relationships – brings authenticity to all relationships
  • Realness – ability to be honest with self and others
  • Openess – inquisitive about life and able to listen
  • Stability – able to find inner stillness during uncertain times
  • Flexibility – able to easily change & adapt if required
  • Freedom – letting go of attachments to things to feel secure
  • Intuition – ability to listen to senses and pick up the greater field

How does it work?

For Mentoring/Counselling Sessions we work together in person, via zoom, or phone.

Once you book a call, we have a brief chat to discover what you are looking for.  We then decide if you feel I am the right person for you or your team.

Are you ready to take your personal life to the next level?

"I have recently worked with a number of clients from different walks of life and many seem to be at the crossroads of their life, no matter their age.  Most are experiencing major challenges whether physical, financial or emotional and they feel unable to keep going the same way - they believe something has to change!"  Jilly Gabrielson

Available Services

“You helped me find me, and that was the beginning of the most incredible journey.”

John – Perth

Mentoring/Counselling/Awareness Sessions

For clients who feel they have untapped potential or are challenged around a particular life situation or want to improve their life in any way, Awareness Sessions can help.

When working with another, you become aware of different perspectives and explore why your inner and outer worlds do not match. With greater understanding, your life starts to make sense and naturally improves.

Individual (60mins) One on One Session – $125ph

Conscious Leadership & Professional Counselling Sessions

Conscious Leadership has more structure than Personal Sessions whereby specific outcomes are identified and worked towards through heartfelt understanding. We look at where and how we are directing our energy and resources and how consciously we are doing it.

While working intuitively through the heart we also integrate the client’s goals and desired outcomes. Sometimes we discover the focus of priorities changes and they find a renewed sense of direction and potential.

Individual (60mins) One on One Session – $195ph

  • Greater inner stability and focus through awareness
  • Increased ability to make well-balanced decisions
  • Improved communication and relationships
  • Healthier physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing

"When you truly trust yourself, you are able to trust others!"

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