Being Tipped Upside Down

Right now many people are feeling out of sorts. We know there is no emotional destination other than to feel ok and stable, yet it seems we are moving through more challenges, with a greater awareness, than ever before.

What if every experience we are having is becoming more specific?  If we let ourselves go, we may discover we are directly moving into our natural energetic alignment, whether we are consciously aware of this or not. In other words, we are becoming our authentic self.

As more consciousness and light is present on the planet, time seems to be speeding up which enables us to move through our learning experiences very fast. Our physical world becomes secondary to our intuitive internal reality. Here we start to free more from conditioning and constructs to formless and free.

What Does This Mean?

Rather than our mind being stuck in the past or future our energy moves more into present time. There is great power in this space as true creativity is formed here and what is meant to happen in our life, will happen if we let it!

Our mind fights this point as it has previously been able to stay in charge and restrict our natural flows, particularly around creativity, relationships and finances. It has left us believing we don’t work, or we can’t manifest and be spiritual, or we’re not good enough.  This leaves us with little ability to create and often feeling hopeless!

Making Changes

The thing is, if we are on a life discovery tour, while our spirit is perfection, we are still coping with being human and having to move through our life experiences to find out, what is us, and what is not.  Too much pressure is placed on having to do things a certain way, what if there was no set way? 

We have separated ourselves emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually to cope and try and fit in.  We need to give ourselves the space to integrate back into our oneness, where we find a new stability and anything is possible.

It’s time to try new, exciting things and have fresh experiences.  Even if it doesn’t make sense, go with the feeling and make decisions “outside the box” to discover experiences we have never had.

What If We Can’t Change?

Any stuck flows have a chance of releasing themselves without the pressure of the old patterns  placed on them.  We may feel we are moving even faster, however this is only illusionary.  As our presence grows, the slowness of the duality field drops away and enables us to stay balanced.

The wholeness of operating this way puts us into a bigger picture of life and our attention is more on present time where real creation begins.   We are coming home to our true nature. Free and in tune to experience the wonderment of life!Love Jilly

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