I sense it is time for us to be okay with the feeling of “being alone”, regardless of our relationship status.  Maybe this is the key to our wholeness? 

What Happened To Us?

From an early age we want, and need, to be loved by our mother, father and others, believing this is fundamental to our survival and to validate our worth.


With this belief system running, we will “sell our souls” to be “loved by another” and if they stop “loving us” and seperate, we push our hurt down and get on with finding another, to give us the security we “think” we need to earn our existence.

Patterns Rule Our Life

This can be a pattern for our whole life, always looking outside ourselves to be loved, whether it be parents, partners, children or friends.

This outside “mind” search for love stops and blocks the “value” of our natural beingness and interconnectedness with all that is.

Getting Our Needs Met

We mould ourselves to be what others want us to be, then “blame” them if they reject us.  Alternatively, we get so “moulded” to another’s needs, we totally lose ourselves in the relationship and “shut down” the truth and “value” of self to have our “needs” met.  We perpetuate the feeling of worthlessness and become a “victim” to life.

It is through awareness and feeling this pattern within, even if it is uncomfortable to face our fears, to somewhere trust in the divine process.  If we can  keep travelling into the feeling of being “alone” and sit with the nothingness, it gives “space” for  the truth to arise…. that we are never alone, there is always a greater presence.

How To Stabilise Our Wholesome Self

Feeling this helps us to stabilise and centre back to our natural, original core of unconditonal love, and to let this authenticity be our “North Star” guidance.

This aligns our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wholesomeness and from there all relationships have the potential to be free of needs.  Others may not like your movement, however only when we are true to self, can we truly be true for another.

ALONE is really AL ONE!

Love Jilly

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