The Power of Sovereignty

The Power of Sovereignty

Have you noticed how we start to go into a bit of a panic because the end of the year is approaching? It’s as if there is a line in the sand with a number on it, where certain things have to be achieved before we cross into the new number.

…And in 2023, most of us probably hope it delivers more than the last?

Rather than looking ahead and outward for more, is it time to look in present time inward for more? 

Is there anywhere within we are prepared to let go of old ways and attachment to things, to create more space and internal freedom now?

The “more” factor might be the very thing that gives us “less” because our focus is on “wanting” more success, more money, more relevance, more out of relationship, more things that give us pleasure and less of what does not.

By trying to fill up on the “more” we stay in our minds and ignore simply beingness and trust of true self.  Somewhere this puts us into a deep unconscious state of “loss” of self as we attach to the group mind driving the relentless pursuit to gain power through control. Without being our true sovereign self where our true power lies, we relegate ourselves to the ”backbench” and allow the ego to be the “Star of the Show”!

The “loss” we experience is so profound it may put us into a deep state of sleep or justification that this is “normal” and how life is.  Both disable, not only our ability to move, but to even be aware we are caught in something.

The resistance is thick and shakes us around as we travel through our own belief systems connected to the planetary belief systems that would have us believe we need to stay where we are to be safe and secure.

But wait, even in this state, a tune is now playing stronger than ever before to help us wake up from our “human” inertia into our “beingness”.  Our conscious connection to all that is, where we naturally come together, physically and metaphysically into the oneness.

Are we prepared to give up perceived “security” to gain sovereignty?

What if it only took a small group of people to change the paradigm?  Where a decision to supposedly lose “security” would push open the gaining of freedom and a higher vibrational frequency ripple would sound across the planet.

It feels like a collective movement started to form years ago which opened some truths, and then we all had to separate from “idealized spirituality” which was just another form of control, to find our natural way through to self and align with nature’s truth.  Each of us plays a specific vibrational note in the universal orchestra of harmonics.

The “code” is now broken and it is time to sound our notes and allow our awareness to join the dots into the space of truth.  None of us knows what that looks like, but we will all know when we experience it…are we already hearing the sound and now travelling through our own perceived loss to discover that only love ever existed?

Love Jilly

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