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Bright Spark Health is a holistic awareness business offering innovative and dynamic wellbeing programs to help individuals and professionals find more purpose, fulfilment, and balance leading to a healthier life.
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One thing is clear, we are all in this together.  If you feel lonely, lost, isolated or out of sorts, having someone to talk to, who is not personally involved, can make a huge difference.

Each of us has our own uniqueness, even though we come from the same source.  We get attached to our beliefs, thoughts and story, thinking it has to be our way which stops us connecting with others through a bigger picture.

I offer Natural Counselling sessions that incorporate the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual of life.  It is a simple unravelling or undoing of any knots that might be holding us back or inhibiting our potential.

At the conclusion of the one hour session you will feel expanded, fresh, clearer and more open to opporunity and creation.

Your sense of self will be stabilised enabling you to live in the moment, rather than the past or future.

  • Relationships – brings authenticity to all relationships
  • Realness – ability to be honest with self and others
  • Openess – inquisitive about life and able to listen
  • Stability – able to find inner stillness during uncertain times
  • Flexibility – able to easily change & adapt if required
  • Freedom – letting go of attachments to things to feel secure
  • Intuition – ability to listen to senses and pick up the greater field

Awareness Sessions can be conducted in Person on the Sunshine Coast, QLD or in Sydney NSW.  Alternatively, by phone or skype anywhere in the world.

Jilly is a highly qualified therapist with 25yrs experience in Conscious Corporate Leadership, Relationship Programs, Communications and Energetic Healing Modalities.  Her unique work enables a wholesome energetic synergy that allows clients to find their own answers in their specific way.

To Book A Phone or Personal Session (1hr) – Call Jilly 0417451904 – $110ph

To help with these emotional shifts we also need to take care of our physical and environmental changes.  You will find some excellent health products in our SHOP to help with this.  Also our BLOG section with interesting information may be of benefit.


Personal Awareness is the key to us finding our true self.  It is an internal journey however it doesn’t have to be done alone.  Working with another can bring about a total awareness shift from a whole new perspective.


As a business owner or manager do you have an inner knowingness that there is another way to work that would be more inclusive and fulfilling to all. At what cost to you is success worth?


Electromagnetic Protection Products to improve health and emotional wellbeing for your mobile, tablet and laptop.  Protection from 4G, 5G, EMR, EMF & Wi-Fi.  Create a healthy environment both at work and at home.


“Our minds are overstimulated by technology, information and “stuff”.  An internal space is created for clients to tune in and  hear what has previously been unheard.  This is where they find their truth.”

“Everyone has their own knowing, yet sometimes, life’s challenges can cloud our own insights.   Working through  felt senses brings a natural awareness shift, greater clarity and discovery of hidden truths. Sometimes this is beyond our own conscious awareness as it has been covered over and is now ready to emerge.”

Bright Spark Health was developed by Jilly Gabrielson as a natural, holistic, awareness service to help individuals and professionals to live a more loving, freer, honest life that fulfils them and others in everyway.

Jilly has 25yrs experience working with corporate clients, individuals and groups conducting personal growth sessions and implementing group Professional Development Programs into businesses.

Everybody wants to be happy. If you could do something very simple to improve your level of happiness, would you?


Whether working with business leaders or individuals  the same principle applies…

When we are open to learning, growing and inclusion we naturally create healthy internal and external environments. Every business and person needs a greater purpose outside just making money or having a job.

It is our true connection with self that enables stability and the ability to come out of competitiveness and into an abundance mentality whereby we can all win.

Call 0417 451 904

Awareness Sessions

A personal session can help you find a new way through any issue or situation. Sometimes it is simply that we have been swamped with thoughts and beliefs that restrict us, particularly around fear.

If you are feeling overloaded, overwhelmed or anxious, you are probably at the crossroads and ready to let go.  By deciding you want to change things and open up to another you will start freeing all the thoughts that have  held you back or blocked your potential?

It is our mind that has covered our natural intuition and gut instincts with thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that NO LONGER SERVE US. These behaviours are often confining and inhibit our natural flow.

When we explore what is true and what is not, through an Awareness Session your natural way opens and dissolves any blocks or challenges effortlessly.

This can change your whole life!

Conscious Leadership

There were 4.8 million people employed in small business in Australia up until March 2020, some of whom work over fifty hours a week. This figure has now changed as we move into uncertain times and the need arises to re-invent ourselves and businesses. How we handle this affects every area of our lives.

Being more consicous with the way we do business helps develop better relationships all round and simultaneously deepens and fulfills our connection with self, which in turn can stabilise us through these uncertain times.
By turning this time of great challenge into an opportunity new skills, ways and inventions can flourish.  Creation from the uncertainty of having to go on the “edge” can often bring out the best in all of us.  No matter how big or small, your activated energy contributes to the bigger picture of hope. Bring others with you by example and help them come out of the fear and together open up new possibilities!

Conscious Workshops & Training Courses


Conscious Life Skills – February 20-21 (9.00-4.00pm)

Conscious Life Coaching & Counselling Training – April 17-18(9.00-4.00pm)


Conscious Life Skills – March 20-21(9.00-4pm)

Conscious Business Coaching & Mentoring Training Course March 27-28 (9.00-4.00pm)

For more information on these courses email:

After working with many amazing clients doing Awareness Sessions in 2020, the three main themes that came through were:-

Be Real – It’s time to wake up to our own behaviours and patterns that no longer serve us.

Feel Uncomfortable – Rather than trying to control to keep everything as comfortable as possible, let the challenging feelings arise and explore.

Trust All On Track – If we are willing to discover more about our internal world, then we are on track.

All the above courses work with the synergy of the mind, body and spirit to help us find your way home.