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The Workplace Wellbeing Program, with a proven track record, is extremely helpful and dynamic as it has the capacity to change the workplace through awareness of non-optimal behaviours and open fresh new ways that brings the team alive. (Included is a Presenter’s Workbook to help facilitate this experiential Wellbeing Program bringing the “head and heart”together so it is not just intellectual as this is where real change occurs.


The Wellbeing Newsletter Package is most helpful in building greater trust and connection with your team.  All newsletters have been written in “first person” on behalf of the CEO or Owner and connect the reader in an authentic way.  They address many workplace issues (see product description) and offer a framework and tone to be edited if required. TIPS are also included.


Wellbeing Mentoring Gift Voucher is a wellbeing care tool that can be given to yourself or anyone in the workplace you feel would benefit.  It is the perfect gift for many as it changes lives and helps people to operate from a more expanded viewpoint.

Counselling Session is more for people who have specific personal issues such as relationship breakup, loss or feel hopeless in anyway.

EMR Health Products

Products That May Help Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Sleeplessness & Improve Immunity

Some of us are more sensitive and can unknowingly be affected by spending too much time with technology. The symptoms of EMR overload can be stress, anxiety, low immunity, poor sleep, headaches, dizziness and general lack of energy. 


Over years of research I found these Orgone EMR products that harmonise the toxic field of EMR positive ions emitted from everything technical and electrical into healthy negative ions (replicating nature like the ocean and mountains).  This process is called harmonisation and happens through changing the frequency, similar to when a radio station crackles and is off the station, then when tuned in to the right frequency you can clearly hear it.

To help with your Wellbeing we have included EMR devices for your Mobile, Laptop, Computer, Tablet, Baby Monitor, Home, Car and Personal Protection should you relate to this information.  


These beautiful natural crystal gemstones all carry an energetic quality just like every living thing on the planet.  Feel the difference when you wear these beautiful jewellery pieces and their earthly connection.

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Discover who you were born to “be” and let your tune play!
It is our true connection with self that enables stability where our natural abilities flow and abundance is experienced in every area of our life.