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Who are we?

Bright Spark Health is the well-being business I created over 15yrs ago after having had a Psychotherapy Practice in Sydney for many years.  As I evolved I found more and more people had their own answers within and once I came out of my own mindset based on “fixed” modalities and therapies, into a more organic approach, my client’s started to naturally fly even higher.


We are now in a time of great change and instability.  In one way it can feel scary, in another, it is probably the most exciting time anyone has ever lived, as anything and everything is possible.



How Can We Help?

I provide physical, mental, emotional and spiritual support to individuals, management and staff in a unique, grounded and highly effective way that changes non-optimum behaviour and beliefs into natural accountability, flexibility and responsibility.


I have a depth of experience established over many years working with large Corporations, Government, Businesses, and Individuals to develop greater awareness, effective communication and coehesive relationship programs.  We offer proven tools and techniques that deliver real individual change which naturally creates a more conscious collective.

Change Begins With You – Are You Up For It?

All programs are experiential and based on becoming more “consciously” aware of decisions, beliefs and behaviours. When clients gain awareness through heartfelt understanding permanent change is achieved.

Personal Services Bright Spark Health

Jilly Gabrielson

More than 30 years of experience

“We take responsibility for working from the Inside Out, not the Outside In.”


“Working together enables different viewpoints and perspectives to open doors previously closed giving greater clarity and understanding to any situation.”

Jilly Gabrielson Professional Background


Jilly has 30yrs experience working with corporate clients, individuals and groups implementing relationship and communication programs.


Her early experience was through marketing leading entertainers, International Cricket, Events Organisations, AFL football Teams and on a range of International Sporting Events.


She then changed careers, studied psychotherapy and started her own practice in Sydney, offering Wholistic Counselling and Corporate Wellbeing Programs.

This business expanded with her Communication and Relationship Programs being implemented within NSW Government, ToyotaArena TV, Thrifty, Mercedes and Westpac.  All helped executives and teams create better work environments.

Jilly commutes between Sydney and Noosa offering One on One Personal and Professions Sessions and Workshops.  Bright Spark Health Programs have been implemented into the local Sunshine Coast community at Noosa Springs Resort Spa, Kunara Organics and in Sydney at Belaroma Coffee,  Richmond Valley Council (NNSW) and Just Cuts – International.


When working in large groups she has an amazing support team dependant on the groups requirements.


She continues to work with many individual clients offering Wholistic Counselling. Some clients only need a couple of sessions, others have found it beneficial to continue working on a regular basis whether for Professional or Personal reasons.

The cornerstone of Jilly’s life is exploring to discover the truth of “who we really are” to perhaps find we have, and always will be “Love”.