The Fight Is Over

It’s all about our internal life force. Nothing outside ourselves is right or wrong, only internally how we view situations, emotions, beliefs, feelings, our response and how we hold to them. The fight is within. Our mind is hard wired to set subtle and not so subtle ways of manipulating us to think we are […]

Can We Open Our Heart More?

Nature does not have a duality it just “ is”.   However, as human beings we have been conditioned to work with the mind’s polarities.  We judge whether something is good or bad for us.   If someone hurts us we get upset and can unconsciously or consciously block our heart so they can’t hurt us again.  […]


  We can talk forever about our awareness of the bigger picture and what it might mean to be spiritual but maybe we need to ground our awareness in a heartfelt demonstration of living this way. If we are truly opening our heart with each other things will be changing and life will hold more […]