Can We Open Our Heart More?

Nature does not have a duality it just “ is”.   However, as human beings we have been conditioned to work with the mind’s polarities.  We judge whether something is good or bad for us.   If someone hurts us we get upset and can unconsciously or consciously block our heart so they can’t hurt us again.  When people continually do this we start behaving superficially, one blocked heart to another.  Neither wanting to be vulnerable or feel uncomfortable first, so it doesn’t happen.


Vulnerability is the key that dissolves barriers around our heart and opens our natural life flow.  It connects us in present time as spiritual beings and activates our consciousness and feelings for each other. It is beyond our mind’s construct of personality, thoughts, beliefs and experiences.


When we tune in to our nature and connection with the universe we realise the only way true love can come about is through letting go of the blocks or barriers of protection we hold around our hearts.


We can deny barriers exist but they probably do.  They can be found in the subtleties of our behaviours and the decisions we make.


We can think we have a good relationship however underneath if something is not agreed upon or someone does the wrong thing, we may bring our barrier up to protect ourselves.  It can be passive or aggressive, but they are two sides of the same coin and place a wedge in between.


Another example is “having” to tell stories of what we do, what we have achieved, and what we own, all these things help form barriers between us and another. We’d prefer to talk about things rather than feelings because it is easier and safer. Beliefs like “if people think I’m successful they’ll like me”, “If people think I’m unsuccessful they won’t want to know me” make us want to tell good stories so people acknowledge and like us.


One of the most challenging parts of vulnerability is letting go and not putting up barriers even when someone says or does something hurtful.  If we can stay open and dissolve our wall then there is no resistance for their words or behaviour to go up against.


So often when someone is upset they take it out on the person closest to them.  Most of the time it is not personal, it is their reflection of what they feel has happened and pertains to their feelings and experience, not yours.


This is not giving up or not caring, it is courageous and consciously releases held energy barriers that have protected our heart for a long time.  It gives the other a chance to actually feel our heart and in turn it may remind them of theirs and the relationship has a chance of going to a whole new level.


Our nature doesn’t form barriers, our mind does.  We are meant to flow with life and not be reactive to it.  Vulnerability is a permanent state of unconditional love.


Love Jilly

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