The Fight Is Over

It’s all about our internal life force. Nothing outside ourselves is right or wrong, only internally how we view situations, emotions, beliefs, feelings, our response and how we hold to them. The fight is within.

Our mind is hard wired to set subtle and not so subtle ways of manipulating us to think we are doing what we choose to do, that we are finding our truth and that no one else understands, that’s why they think we are wrong. This by default can fill us with rightness and not wanting to be told anything so we hold on to what we think we know as our defence.

It is not about anyone else except self. When there is no external blame on anything, then we have the capacity to truly find our own freedom. It helps if we find the courage to go with another. This in itself helps move the internal energy, even if you think you are so right, if you can just let go and go with, we find our internal energy starts to flow freely and we “twig” to something.

It may feel like we are relinquishing, or being a follower or have no knowingness or direction of our own, however in the moment of being able to just flow with another’s energy into a bigger picture, it releases the need to have to hold on to anything known or unknown. Beliefs, justifications, blame, resentments, needs, all start to fall away as they have nothing to defend.

There is NOthing else other than an internal awareness shift that would have us be free and align with our true vibration and in that, all can occur how it is meant to.

We let go of having to know outcomes, or things looking a certain way and give way to the freedom of our own natural energetics creating life which will align everything. Peace prevails internally, the fight is over and our external world will respond accordingly.

Love Jilly

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