The River

Our soul carries a natural life force that connects us to an energetic flow outside the physical world.  This greater field holds our day-to-day physical experiences that join together to form life.  We can lead a safe and secure life by using our mind to work out what we want and how we will get that or we can connect to our natural life force flow and trust that this will form the experiences we are meant to have.


When you observe the flow of a river we can feel it is in tune with nature and life.  If we tried to capture that life force by scooping a bucket of water from the river and taking it home we instantly separate from what is, into what we want.  The container of water is now still water sitting confined in a bucket.  It is yours and you have what you think you want. 

However there is no longer a flow of life force that is free and present which was the very thing that connected us to the “feeling “ of the river.


Our soul, like the river, carries an energy in tune with nature and the universe and when it is acknowledged and allowed to lead our experiences it too can remain free and draw in the experiences to match our spirit rather than our mind.


When we lead a soul-centred life this momentum opens up possibilities and opportunities that would have otherwise remained unknown and unfelt.  These experiences may be the keys to not only our own actualisation but that of humankind.


Tune in and feel the flow of your river, don’t limit yourself to the bucket of water.  You are your own  source and hold an eternal ocean of love within that wants to freely flow and truly “live” life.



Jilly Gabrielson

September 2017


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