The “Ship” for Leaders

The “ship” for a leader is the space that holds the leader and team in a field of possibility.

It’s an Old English word ‘lædan’ meaning ‘to go before as a guide‘.  If a leader is not dynamic and being guided by his/her own light as the original source of freedom, then there is no leadership or light for others to find their way.

We have been conditioned from an early age and taught through parenting, schooling and working an authoritarian way of leadership based on the mindset of one person telling others what to do.  Often there is a threat of loss imposed? E.g. loss of parental love, loss of school peer acceptance, loss of job, loss of relationship.

The true sense of leadership has never been needed more than TODAY as old systems crumble, so too, the old style of leadership is dismantling.

What Is Leadership

Leaders may put their hand up, or be given the position, but that doesn’t make them a leader.  If leadership is an action word, it is a dynamic, open, flowing, real, authentic, integral and an on-going process. It is not a noun, or title, that is stagnant. 

In this organic model of leadership the “ship” the pillars that hold the space are the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual of life, the internal of where the leader is coming from to make decisions.

When a leader holds this space they make better decisions, organisational plans and direction as everything comes from an authentic bigger picture, and by default, includes the economic, social and environmental factors for the greater good. 

True leadership it not about only having money and end results on top of the pile, it’s part of the business purpose, however without the inclusion of a social economy, the system will continue to be driven by a hierarchy and cause separation and competition, rather than connectedness and collaboration, where everyone grows and manifests.

Traits of Leaders

At a grass root level leaders must be able to look at themselves, be vulnerable, understand their weaknesses, strengths and continually listen, learn and evolve.

Flexibility, adaptability, connectedness, freedom and collaboration are the “new” requirements for leaders, rather than the old values of fixed rules, conditions, repetition, separation, threats, fear and competitiveness. 

It’s not a popularity contest either.  True leaders must be prepared to always move forward, into difficult situations or know when space is required.  To stand up when something doesn’t feel right, to sit down when it does, and if someone needs space to communicate, give it to them. 

A true leader understands the need to move first, not because they have too, because they can, and most of the time this goes unacknowledged which is the other trait of great leaders, humility.  No whistles or bells, simplicity, real and natural abilities, rather than the intellect-ego making a “big deal” and complicating issues by “rightness” and need for acknowledgement.

Outcome of True Leadership

Rather than one person leading and being responsible for all, by forming a collective leadership, everyone takes responsibility for delivering their part to the core business purpose. (E.g. It operates like a Wheel with a central hub, rather than a pyramid that is bottom heavy.) This collective energy spins and uplifts organisations through the power of the group and the output can be far reaching like a “ripple effect”.  When individuals are naturally activated, by the default, it holds the business purpose in an effortless centered way and enables unknown possibilities to open.

No-one knows the capacity or charge this type of group energy can hold and the creation it can generate as a business model.

Leadership is the dynamic demonstration of the imperfection of human beings as we endeavour to find our way home…at some level we are all lost, and only when we hear a specific tune we resonate deeply with, can we hone our vibration, and in that moment, allow ourselves to be guided to find our original tune that aligns the universal oneness of all.

“Being” in integrity with oneness, we become leaderless!



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June 29, 2023

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