You Are The Dance Not The Dancer!

More and more I am experiencing what appears to be a seperation from the normality of physical life into the feeling of floating or an inability to focus or be attached to our own and other people’s stories.

It can be disconcerting because there is an out of control feeling or distancing when connecting with the physical and what is being communicated. It can leave us feeling like we are operating in a void and directionless.

What may be happening is consciousness is on the move big time and we have a chance to make a giant leap as the potency of the frequency has been raised and our internal matching frequency is engaging with this movement. It’s like we are all individual notes in a universal symphony that is now playing a particular tune.

If you are hearing this tune there is no doubt it is becoming more potent and has the potential to wake us up and almost “boot” us into another reality. This may occur through physical and emotional challenges where you thought you were heading in one direction and now it has completely fallen apart or looks very different.

It helps to make no comparisons to others as what is happening is unique to us and our purpose.
The more we become aware of what our mind is holding on to we can simply let it go. Let the thoughts, beliefs, judgements, attachments come in, feel them and then let them go, the natural cycle of life is to be free. We hold on to nothing.

We are becoming more present with this current momentum and are more able to distinquish our subtle attachments to people and things. Our abilities and senses are increasing as old ways and senses no longer required fall away and new ways show themselves.

Go with the physical changes as well, you might want to eat, sleep, commune or work differently, let yourself move with your natural flow.

We are finally becoming more aware that we are the “dance”, “the presence”, the field of vibration that is the stage for the different characters and stories of our “life” to play out. “Life” is the dancer and we are the “Dance”.

When we are truly present we begin to recognise the vibrational field of unconditional love in us which has No Conditions…life brings us experiences to engage with and to let go of, for us to ultimately, realise ourselves.

Everyone in our lives plays their part to teach us we are not defined by the experience, person or emotions, it only ever happened, for us to find the truth.

Home is here and you are home.

Love Jilly

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