Where Are We?

Where are we

In a space of nowhere yet definitely somewhere…


Excited or tuned into something that can make us tingle at times, like electricity running through our bodies… normally this feeling would relate to action, but maybe some of us can’t seem to act on anything.


I sometimes feel paralysed to move a millimetre from this place of nothingness but the possibility of everything.  I do find it uncomfortable as my mind continues to question this place and suggests I should be doing something or creating or doing what I would normally do to fill it. This would make me feel successful or give myself value because I have achieved something…but is it a diversion?


It is very weird and even writing this down has taken me months to even want to communicate this.


Things changed for me this morning unexplainably and left me sitting here just wondering what is going on?  I opened this page and began to write.


Don’t know if anyone else out there is feeling similar?  It’s such an unusual feeling, kind of exciting inside yet has the apparency of having nowhere to direct that energy, nor can we manifest ideas from our mind, it appears it has to be through our soul’s manifestation.


It’s like the empty space of nothingness will create the form that is aligned with the Universal truth. It is completely outside the workings of the mind and our conditioning.  Our senses have been heightened and we are using more powerful energetics connected to who we really are.  This can feel unusual and uncomfortable, but I feel to stay with it as we travel through this reality shift.


I sense we are coming outside our story and attachment to our “I”dentity  into a greater space connected to our presence and the collective oneness. Completely outside the group mind’s creation.


Maybe the sense of our true natural energetic code is taking charge (and being charged!) as it gently guides us through the “mind field” and brings us HOME.


Love Jilly


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