A Different Perspective of Our Vulnerability To Life!

I wondered, just for a moment, if you were interested in looking at the current dismantling of our human way of life and the framework it has been built upon, from the vulnerability of the bigger picture?


Back in time when we were developing as human beings we used our minds to work out better, more efficient and safer ways of doing things.


During the industrial revolution we put workplace rules and regulations in place and a “human” mindset was formed of “working long hours for little pay”.  We set into our mind “you have to work hard to achieve anything”, regardless of all other consequences, this became a group mindset.


Women had their place at home and men went to work.  The home life was not valued but thought of as the man’s entitlement as it was only created because he had the earning ability to make it possible. So money was put on top of the pile.


With this mindset of indebtedness and superiority the male was given privilege and held the position of authority and the countenance to create and implement the “Laws of the Land”.


Coming into present time, this emphasis on male behaviour has derailed the true reason for where we are now.  It is not just the male it is the female as well…all humanity has brought us to this point.


The female in response has pushed her frustration, lack of worth and rejection down and has controlled by being covert while generally appearing kind, caring, compassionate and mothering.  No true vulnerability from the female has disengaged the male from their own vulnerability, so neither truly finds their natural spiritual connection with self or the other.  This creates untrue relationships where both get mad and blame each other.  This type of relationship is also dismantling as it is not based on freedom, vulnerability, wholesomeness and recognition of being more than the physical body.


The ultimate fight it not with each other, or against other countries, but within ourselves.  We deny who we really are by taking no responsible for our wholesome self by realising certain behaviours and beliefs are controlling us and others, which makes us fight the external world. 


We cease to believe in ourselves as mental, physical, emotional and spiritual being.  Because we do not value ourselves by acknowledging this within, we manage, parent and live totally unaware of our control and confinement.  We pass this on to our children and they also become unaware as this is not taught in schools.  They are not valued for their intuition, senses, knowingness, gut instincts but how much knowledge and intellect they have and how hard they work.


Currently across the world all humanistic structures are dismantling including health systems, education, finance, gender, cultural and environmental. We were all okay, doing our own thing before this started to happen.  Perhaps we have reached a tipping point whereby this was always going to happen while we buried our heads in the sand and just looked after ourselves, family and own life for us to have what we “thought” we wanted?


This dissolving of systems could be because they never contained the collective care to start with.  They were based on solving problems, governing and making money rather than how do we create a thriving humanity where there is enough for all.  Where we realise everyone has a valuable contribution to make which naturally creates the greater good.   Did we ever look towards our indigenous “wisdom keepers” to advise us, particularly around our environment?  Or did we all get greedy and just want more of everything and create ways to have it?  


Did we create the love of power instead of the power of love?…and if we did, it’s never too late to individually change and make our contribution into the collective shift.       


Love Jilly 2021

Vulnerability of Life

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