Are We In An Unconscious Bubble?

We receive so much visual and physical stimulation our minds are on ‘automatic pilot’ as we quickly decide what we want say and do via text, email, tweet or mobile. We repeatedly use our physical senses of sight, hearing and touch. It’s like we have forgotten about our other senses of tuning in to what feels right, using intuition, gut instincts, stillness and right move in the universe, not just right move for ourselves.

It creates a world of reaction, where we live in our own bubble of life and basically attend only to what affects us, our family and friends. It keeps us very busy and if things go quiet, we quickly create a distraction by texting or calling someone to stimulate us. Very little time is spent being quiet with ourselves to actually feel what is internally going on.

We make decisions based on what we want to happen, the way we want things to look and the experiences we want to have. We are always looking for external solutions so our world can remain comfortable where everyone and everything has a ‘known’ place.

It is not to make anything right or wrong in our lives; it is just that the more aware we become, the more our other senses sharpen and, as our vibration lifts, so too do the experiences we draw in. Some may be challenging but so often the more uncomfortable something is, the greater the gift on the other side.

If we let the physical fade into the background and let our awareness come into the foreground we start to tune in to another field that draws us towards it, as this is more our nature than the learned linear way we have led our lives.

What if those people who are feeling uncomfortable at the moment – about relationships, work or personally – are actually on track. As the world goes through huge change and the old way lets go for the new, maybe our heart takes over as our intelligence centre.

Everything aligns to that rather than our mind being in charge and the continuous loop of solution-based thought gives way to a natural flow of instinct.

While we have moved away from the 80s where excess was accepted and admired, to a more socially conscious time, where many people are in tune and informed with what they eat, their power source, the water they drink, the pollutants in the air and the disservices to humanity, is there more to go?

Do we still, in some way, have this outside ourselves? What if we have something to wake up to or to start tuning into, in a different way? Is it time for us to BE the change we want to see in the world, the words Mahatma Gandhi spoke so many years ago.

We are not just talking about the words; it is the feeling and awareness behind what is being said. It may mean we are faced with letting go of things we don’t want to or making moves based on intuition before the physical signs show, or being true to a friend.

It is courageous to risk operating differently. However the more we trust ourselves and make the moves regardless, the quicker we start to get a true sense of the power of living authentically.

We start to detach from anything having to look a particular way and become more okay with the seemingly randomness of life. We start to realise it actually holds an unbelievably ordered nature where synchronicities are common and life expands and holds the freedom of amazing exchanges for all. It is where our connection with humanity is the major thing, not our connection to the physical world and ownership.

What if we did have a greater purpose for being born at this time and witnessing the changes around us? What if the change is happening inside us, whether we are consciously aware of this or not? And what if we came in to help with this shift but forgot and got caught in physically living our lives rather than spiritually living and letting the physical naturally align?

What if, by simply opening our awareness, we are contributing? This magnifies our collective purpose as human beings, and things start to co-ordinate with a higher vibration and the truth it holds.

When we trust ourselves, we trust change, and instead of trying to control everything, we can let go and travel with something greater that serves all humanity… it’s called LOVE.

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