Are We Trying Too Hard To Be Successful?

We can sometimes feel our life is an uphill battle, every day hoping things will change to satisfy our endless search for happiness.

We are creatures of habit and follow the same thought patterns unless we become aware of our internal connection, beyond our thoughts, that allows us to tune in to our natural awareness energy. This is where things are effortlessly changing however because it doesn’t look the way we want it to, we ignore it or pretend it doesn’t exist.

Our mind works hard to put a context around everything. If something happens we justify why or why not it has.  Rarely do we let ourselves experience something freely without any framework so the energy is free to flow and lead us to the next experience without our mind controlling it.

We do this because it makes us feel in charge and helps us believe we are worthwhile because we are getting somewhere or have achieved success,  rather than our internal knowingness that we are on track and trusting our soul to know the way forward for our highest good.

By living our life physically trying to make what we want to happen we focus on the outcomes of ownership, achievement and success rather than the present time experience of what is actually happening.  Just as John Lennon wrote in the song Beautiful Boy…”life is what happens while we’re busy making other plans”.

We are not talking about a passive life of no direction we are talking about a purposeful life with our natural energy leading our experiences to reveal the life we were aligned emotionally, mentally and physically to have.  Many times because of hurt, rejection or loss we change the course of our life to protect ourselves from repeated experiences.

Rather than keeping us safe and secure this control may lead to our unhappiness because underneath our true emotions sit waiting to freely flow without context or story just the freedom of being released.  Only then do we realize there was never anything we had to hold on to.

When we are true to ourselves we are true to others and life takes on a whole new meaning of what success might be!

Love Jilly

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