Are We Trying To Control Our Nature?

Noosa River

I was sitting by the Noosa River looking at the brown water lapping against the ragged shore line littered with broken branches and fallen trees from the recent storms.


A couple next to me were sipping on takeaway lattes as they talked about the restaurant they had gone to the previous night and were mentioning how over-priced it was, how they didn’t like the service and how they wouldn’t go back.  As they swapped stories I wondered whether they were missing the magic that surrounded them.


I just focused my attention on the river and how it was flowing, birds flew overhead and sometimes a majestic pelican landed perfectly on a jetty bollard.  It made me think how perfect nature really is.  I know it is a funny thing to say but as I looked around everything else was man-made but it existed in nature’s environment.  Almost like nature is the home and we put things into that home to make everything convenient for us and then we focus on those things and they become the important part of our lives and nature is almost forgotten.


It made me feel into my own nature as I felt there was something I was only now starting to realise.  The more I let myself flow with the physical nature surrounding me, the more I could feel my own internal nature stirring.  Over the past weeks I have been focussing my attention on flowing with people, not worrying so much about what is actually said, but feeling the natural flow of energy between us.


Doing this brings our nature to the foreground where we flow rather than worry about trying to understand, judge or think what we should or shouldn’t say.  I just listen a lot and then communicate if the words are there to be spoken.  This brings in a depth of honesty where we are flowing from the core of our nature and while it sometimes may feel vulnerable you notice the other person often softens, relaxes and opens more.


I guess I am talking about the natural flow we have with each other.  We can know about the bigger picture but unless we are truly letting our heart energy flow to another’s heart where they feel free with us and we feel free with them…are we really connecting or just listening to stories and staying safe on the surface without going to the depth of what is available in that particular relationship?


We can talk a lot about the spiritual, unconditional love and the soul however sometimes we are just talking about these things rather than being it.  People may “cotton on” to some kind of awareness through what is being said and feel uplifted but it doesn’t really change anything ongoing.  We can expand with awareness which makes us feel happy, but does this change our lives in a real way?


My life has currently been changing more and more as I endeavour to bring my natural energy flow through. The only way this can happen is by giving my flow to people in an unconditional way, where I feel them regardless of what is being spoken….and I speak from my nature to their nature, like spirit to spirit.  I have noticed most of the time I want to talk to them about what they mean to me and the magic of sharing time together regardless of how long or short that may be.


I think this also happens naturally when we are with nature.  We take in the energy through our senses of sight, sound, touch, feeling or smell which feeds and expands our energy taking us outside our mind and allowing our natural energy cycle to flow.  It like the truth emerges of who we really are.


We all have natural energetic flows for each other and some of them are very specific.  When we freely flow with people we have some kind of purpose with, it fulfils us like nothing else and brings a depth of life otherwise not experienced.


I felt something similar to this recently with my 27 year old son when he was looking for a unit to rent.  We are very close even though we live in different states.  However, I noticed when I was helping him find an apartment, which looked like a physical exercise, I could also feel myself getting closer to him by listening and flowing with what he wanted.  An initial  thought did run though my mind of trying to get him to be sensible and make decisions based on practical and financial influences however I let it go and backed him to find what he wanted.  The more I did that the more he naturally included me and energetically moved closer because he could. The space was there for him to move into me, rather than it being filled with my opinions and beliefs as a mother.  I trusted him to find what was right for him and to freely have the related experiences.


…maybe this is our true nature, just as the pelican landing perfectly on the bollard, when we let go of trying to control things, we land perfectly in the natural flow of our heart and discover the truth of who we and others really are.


Jilly Gabrielson


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