The Spirit of Business

Most companies are still dominated by numbers, analysis and information.   It makes it difficult for skills such as intuition, gut instincts and non-linear thinking to rate a mention. In our vastly changing climate these are the skills that will be more and more valued as this forms connection with people and helps to stabilise whatever is happening.

We have obsessive consumption, environmental degradation, human disconnection and cultural separation. Maybe we need to think differently to change things and maybe we need a new style of leader to help with this shift?

An excerpt from a speech by Richard Goyder, Managing Director, Wesfarmers captures this need. “Stop expecting God leaders and instead focus more on how we ourselves can change things for the better.” He goes on to say “The days are numbered of God-like leadership where everyone wants to be led by someone strong and faultless. We are looking more towards a Humanistic Leader who is part of the team.”

People are our greatest asset and it is imperative we have conscious leaders to help steer this shift from living in an economy to living in a society where we all care about each other.

We need leaders who believe in the purpose of business being greater than simply to make money. Where the business exists to genuinely exchange beyond a financial transaction. Where service, care, uniqueness, opportunity and personal communication are not just available, but are actually felt and delivered.

Where the business is connected to a bigger picture and professional and personal values align. Business leaders who instil their own values and ethics of life that are no different from the values of the business. Who naturally create stability and loyalty which enables their staff to easily embrace change.

With an authentic leadership style, management, financials, systems, marketing and sales hold something greater than simply being task driven to achieve KPI’s. It gives people a higher reason to perform, where it is not just about them, it is about everyone aligning their values for the greater good.

New leaders are interested in simplicity and naturalness. They don’t need to build resumes, acquire wealth and power nor play politics to gain success. Their success is not driven by their ego, it is driven by their heart and a belief in the purpose of what they do. They deeply understand it is the collective that brings about success, not just one individual.

People need leaders who talk from their honest experience, who are fallible and responsive to situations. Who can listen as well as talk and who want to understand staff.

Conscious leaders are not afraid to make mistakes, they prefer to take a risk when appropriate rather than play safe. They question the status quo and do not go along with things just because they have always been done that way.

They create flexible environments for staff to thrive. They understand it directly relates to performance when staff are able to work how they naturally work it allows everything to align both individually and collectively.

We are all on the same team. The whole, no separation, the very thing that we as a humanity should be working towards. The we, not me where everyone is looked after because they are all aligned and doing what they love to do as part of the greater good.

Ultimately people need to feel they are making a contribution. When a leader values every individual in their organisation you have an active engagement of energy that relates to everything.

Our bedrock is our connection with ourselves, knowing our values and what is important to us. The wholesomeness of understanding we are mind, body and spirit and that if we want change to occur, then we first need to look at ourselves, and that applies to everyone, whether we are a leader or not.

Who will step up to the mark and shine as a new style of Leader…maybe each of us has it within to become what we would love another to be.

Jilly Gabrielson


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