Most of us are affected by rejection even if we don’t think we are.  Anywhere in our life where we have been denied, stopped, confined, ignored, left or failed we would hold points of rejection in our heart.


Every time a situation comes up where we feel rejected we will automatically withdraw, deny, blame, justify, hurt or protect ourselves, rather than travel into the feeling and move through it to the other side so it can dissolve.


It is this rejection energy within us that stops us achieving our wildest dreams and the truth of who we really are.


It stops us by igniting every time someone or something gets close to our heart.  Often something will happen that we don’t like… words spoken, actions taken or circumstances created which activates this energy and we go into feelings like not being wanted, not heard, not understood, not enough or think we don’t matter which justifies our automatic pilot response of shutting down.


The sad thing is every time we do this we close our true self and lose the opportunity of something ever coming together in a true and real way with another.


If we are only prepared to go so far we can only have that same amount of trust from another, consequently many of us feel incomplete around love and are always looking for other ways to be fulfilled.  Sometimes this plays out in wanting to have more physical things, better job, bigger house more holidays…anything to fill the void within.


This external search acts as a diversion and keeps us from discovering where the truth lies which is the ability to travel internally and start letting go of trying to control so we don’t get hurt.


When we are close with another and something upsetting happens, the rejection energy can turn on as it hits in to old “stuff”.  We think that it is real because it brings up a terrible feeling which is distressing.  This feeling is potent when people have deep love for each other which makes us extremely sensitive and open and at the same time ready to shut down if we feel any sign of being hurt.


The energy that activates in us, whether we are conscious of it or not can be madness, upset, justification, don’t care, don’t believe, don’t want, can’t love whatever words we want to manifest to disconnect us from our love for the person and blame them for how we feel.


Not only do we think the words and feelings our mind has manifested are true we make decisions based on them because we feel emotionally connected to the feeling so it must be true.  Often we can leave our partner under these circumstances.


If we didn’t give our rejection feeling so much attention maybe it would fall away?  It could be just old stored energy from all the hurts and upsets we have experienced in our life and rather than letting go of them we hold on which keeps us restricted and heavy and always holding on to losses around love and justified about that.


If this is just the energy of thoughts and words and contains no truth we don’t need to hold on to it.  What if we could free the distressing energy by communicating our way thru or just recognising and being with it.  In the observation that it serves no purpose other than keeping us small and confined around love, the energy can be released.


Some people in our lives have “purpose” connections with us and we may find these people, whether we are in communication with them or not, can activate the rejection energy very easily. We often blame them and want them to change rather than look at ourselves.


This is because there is a truth between the two around their love for each other and when this is known but not realised it can be very distressing.  It takes one person to truly know the other being and it is the power of their love for that being that will help open the field so the truth between them can come about.  Of course the ultimate would be for both to recognise each other and to settle for nothing less than who they really are individually, together, and into the greater good.


When we endeavour to do this with our partner, relative or friend it can be extremely confronting as our personal “stuff” turns on and we have to keep opening to our higher self to distinguish what is us and what is our rejection energy that endeavours to assert and separate.


It can sometimes feel very vulnerable when we head in here, like we are losing everything that we stand for and that we are worthless before we realise that in the nothing we are everything and the space of truth opens which gives the opportunity for the other to feel what is true.


It is a gutsy thing to do because we have to be rawly honest and have a look at ourselves in a different way and understand our own upsets and insecurities.  Also how we cope and justify what we do to make everything okay.


If we can observe how we turn on our automatic protection pilot in these situations we will start “twigging” to our restrictive energy that wants to be right, or win or get what it wants.  The only thing is the reverse happens…we end up losing what matters most to us which is love and connection.


We are limitless love and we are one.  The more we can travel through this rejection energy to find  internal freedom, the more the vibration of unconditional love will echo through the universe and life will change for all time.


Love Jilly


January 2017


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