The spiritual holds our story and our story holds our fears.


Everything changes when we view things from the wholesomeness of our spiritual connection to self and others…and maybe the heart holds the key to this freedom?


Most of us may be operating from a logical, physical perspective and unknowingly have some kind of subtle protection/fear around our heart so we don’t get hurt.

Human beings by their nature are extremely sensitive and from an early age have been desensitised through experiences that have hurt us where no understanding happened and physical solutions were logically found to stop our hurt.


All this did was push our feelings down so we “bookmarked” the feeling and experience as “unsafe”, “uncomfortable”, “unacceptable” and made sure that if that feeling came up again, we would push it down, rather than feel and utilise our senses to connect with it so it could naturally release.


I recently worked with someone who was very intellectual and held a senior corporate position. He had all the answers and “intellectually” knew why his life looked a certain way and why he had made the decisions he had.


He came to me because he knew there was something else he was avoiding that kept pushing inside of him.


During the session we touched on a number of things and then BINGO

…there it was…after supposedly having it all together his whole life.. he talked to me about his love for his grandmother and mother who had left when he was very young. I asked him to let himself feel that connection, beyond the physical story …he realised he had closed his heart from that time as he didnt want to feel the hurt and pain associated with this deep love.


He shared that he had only had relationships where he was in control. They looked “glossy” and happy from the outside however deep within he felt empty because his heart had remained closed and there was no true love connection for fear of him getting hurt.


All his loves had been conditional and had stayed in the “safety” zone.


He then decided that relationship didn’t work for him and that he didn’t need one so had been on his own for the past 5 years.

This is what can happen to us, we swing from one physical solution, to the opposite solution, never solving the cause of our internal emptiness.


In the session he touched his own love and became aware of the truth…that he is love, always has been and always will be and the freedom of freely opening that flow and no longer confining it deeply expanded and fulfilled him. He realised it had been his mind that wanted it closed and all his decisions had been made from there…which had not been the truth!


Love Jilly


(This client was very happy to share his experience if it would help anyone who had similar feelings.)

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