Go WithThe Flow – With or Without Relationship

A little thought to consider…

We can complicate our lives by the way we think and the emotions we link to our experiences which locks them in as if they are true.  For instance, we could have a relationship partner who we really love and would like to settle down with.  He may not feel the same way.  We can take this personally that he doesn’t want to be with us and make a big deal about it…  Or know that the way he feels relates to him and where he is at.  By not taking it personally (that is all about me) and still continue to truly connect with him, things can often change. Giving him space may help him feel freer to make his decision without pressure and who knows what the outcome may be.  If it is yes, it is from someone who really wants to be with you, and already your relationship carries a deeper meaning as it comes from respecting each other as individuals and coming together from a freedom to do so.

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