Finding the Natural Flow of Life

Everything is happening NOW.  We are experiencing a reality shift like no other where things seem to be happening in one moment, rather than in a linear way and although we are participating, we are not necessarily consciously aware things are changing.


We think we are living a “normal” life physically doing things but sometimes not feeling connected to what we are doing, nor finding the same level of enjoyment.  It might feel like going through the motions of life on automatic pilot without any real purpose.


Massive Movement

Because we are energy, before we are physical matter and our energy carries a frequency and everything is connected, our frequency is in tune with the  current global energetic shift regardless of whether we know it or not.


Massive movement is occurring in the macro towards the Universal truth around the nature of unconditional love where any untruths will drop away or carry little weight. Just like a giant magnetic field, the Universal truth draws in the same frequency to create its original formation for everything else to align with.


Mind Releasing

Our mind is still actively endeavouring to take charge however it does not have the same control on us as it holds a heavier vibration and we can now feel the difference when we are in the small picture of doing compared to the bigger picture of being and connecting.  It’s not that we can’t do or achieve, however first is to be and then to do, not do and then be. 


The Energy of our soul vibration is senior to our mind’s physical manifestation.  If we let this happen then everything will align how it is naturally meant to.  This will happen with an ease and flow, just as it does in nature.


When we hold on and give our power to the mind,  our natural vibrational frequency is compromised and we have to work hard, long and tirelessly to get little achieved because we are not going with the flow of our life.  It’s like we are paddling our boat upstream to achieve exactly what we think we want and what we have been conditioned to believe is success.


Natural Life Flow

By letting go and trusting our intuition we go with the natural flow of the current which moves us effortless and exactly to where we are meant to be for whatever is meant to happen.  The truth is simple yet extremely powerful and carries hope for all.  This is not a random event but a very precise experience which will directly relate to our purpose of being here at this time on earth.


As human beings we can sometimes make life very hard and complicated and get ourselves into a mess.  We think it is too hard to get out of our mess so we start blaming everyone and everything for the life we live or simply shut down our emotions to cope.  We forget that it takes but a moment to put ourselves in the driver’s seat of our life.


From there we tune in to our higher self and start making intuitive decisions based on what we know deep inside.  Sometimes we don’t know exactly what it relates to or the moves to make, or fear may grip us,   but trusting ourselves to step out and make bold moves into the unknown before it is know is always rewarded by the universe.


Peace At Last

We then start getting out of the bog of life and past decisions into present time where things become clearer, fresher and into a natural flow.  This allows internal expansion to occur and old beliefs and held experiences can easily drop away. All those connected to us start to feel freer and it helps them discover their truth.  Complications fall away once the truth has been faced and new beginnings can yield new opportunities, alignments and ultimately unconditional love for all.





January 2017



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