The Field Outside Duality

Should I Stay or Should I Go?


In my previous blog when I was telling you about my friend who was experiencing inner turmoil around her life, it more or less appeared to be about decisions made from the heart versus the head.


When we talk this way it puts us into a duality field, heart v head, good v bad, right v wrong which gives our energy and others something to go up against.  It makes someone appear right and another wrong and these judgements create non-truths.


Duality increases opposition to thoughts, beliefs and ideas and forms barriers between human beings who know they are connected to each other but cannot find the door that opens the flow of their connection.  This disheartens us and we can feel hopeless about certain situations.


If we continue to look for it through our mind, thinking we are coming from our heart we will continue to get the same results.  If our true exchange is not transferring to another then we haven’t found the right door that would bring us into the oneness zone.


This greater reality is the field that holds all these experiences and only exists in present time.  We are nature and part of our every evolving internal landscape is to harmonise externally with the same territory.


It gives us a feeling of home, where we can relax and know all will be okay.  It automatically brings us outside duality where things just are, like nature.  Bees, birds, dogs, flowers, blue skies, moons and suns don’t decide if they want to do something or not, they go with their natural cycle… just as a child plays using their senses to move from one experience to the next.


It may sound too simplistic but what if we have just forgotten that our energy works this way.  Our spirit, although contained in a physical body, is moving in unison with the greater system of nature.


The more we flow with our soul centered energy the more in tune we become and draw in related experiences and our decision making reflects that movement.


We all have this ability because we come from the same source.

So even with my friend who has currently chosen not to change anything in her life, is now aware of the tapping of her heart.  Maybe this will help her remember something about her own beat and her decisions will start to align.


When we drop our judgements on ourselves and others it helps us hear the tune of home more and our energy naturally wants to follow the music…creating a more harmonious life and humanity?


Love Jilly

October 2017

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