Being A Failure Maybe Good News


For much of our life many of us have tried to be perfect or change ourselves so we are acceptable to others.  From an early age society teaches us to seek approval outside ourselves to give the feeling of security and that we are loved.


It may be in the seeking of this approval we have moved away from our natural heart centred self into our head so we can work out how we can get what we want and be a success.


When you watch kids playing they are in the moment, creating experiences they want to have without any thought of the outcome. They don’t care about what they are wearing or who is looking.  They laugh and play and enjoy themselves and their free spirited energy gives us joy.


Maybe it has been in the trying to be perfect, not wanting to make mistakes or thinking there is something wrong with us if we fail, where we have lost our “free spirit” and the ability to just give things a go regardless of the result.


If our intuition or gut instinct is to do something maybe we should let our energy flow where it wants to go.  There are many great people who invented amazing things only through failing and not having it perfect which enabled them to keep developing something until it worked.


At some level it may not have been about the invention, or the thing they wanted to achieve,  it was the belief in themselves and their ability to continue through adversity and challenge… and still believe in themselves.  There is perfection in imperfection.


Have a go!

Love Jilly

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