What Is Conscious Leadership?

Conscious Leadership is when an individual operates openly, clearly, intuitively, integrally and is connected to people and situations.  They lead by example and are able to look at themselves along with being able to see other perspectives. They use their ever increasing awareness to enhance situations by working from the Bigger Picture which connects to the greater good.

Conscious Leaders are prepared to be true to themselves and others by endeavouring to work through challenge from the “cause” of situations and people, not just the “effect”.

This helps to change things from the root cause and keeps things simple, natural, effective and enhanced. Conscious Leaders move with awareness from one situation to another, it is simply how freely they do this.  They do not get intellectually attached to working everything out logically, they use their intuition, gut instincts and lateral thinking to connect to a greater vision to solve situations. They are able to create a flow rather than fighting the current and are “responsive” not “driven” at all costs.

They are more relaxed and in tune, and able to handle pressure without becoming too rigid and serious. They have the courage to open the door, to push boundaries and to take steps into the unknown even when it may appear risky, they realise it is all part of the entrepreneurial spirit of human beings.

Characteristics of Conscious Leaders
  • Self Reflective – able to look at self and manage “down” as well as “up”
  • Well Integrated – strong internal sense of self and prepared to walk the talk
  • Collaborative – encourage other people’s ideas and thoughts
  • Emotional Maturity – being interested and understanding of emotional challenges
  • Insightful – able to lead by combining logic, gut instincts and sharing a vision
  • Communicative – honest, clear and transparent with a desire to talk and listen
  • Spiritually Courageous – willing to work and believe in the greater good

Why Is Conscious Leadership Important?

Einstein once said “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Maybe there is a better way, not only to do business, but to live?  What if it was just waiting to be discovered?  Without going there how would we know?

Benefits of Conscious Leadership

When people are managed by a “Conscious” Leader they feel connected, understood and acknowledged for their contribution to the business.  They are able to take greater responsibility and know they are part of running a successful business. When individuals feel they are “part of the business” a “conscious collective” forms that is dynamic, natural, effective and inspiring.  The business is energised and a momentum forms that opens flows, is magnetic, powerful and people want to be part of, as all feel connected and valued. Everyone wins.

The world is in great need of Conscious Leaders!

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