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Don’t know if you feel the same, but I sense we are now in times where connection is more important than ever.  I’m talking about our soul connection and the network of others we are connected to.  This reality is outside our known way of being, into the unknown, where feeling and intuition lead the way, and our mind and physical senses follow. 

It’s like our whole self is coming together, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.  Previously I would easily flick into the so called “spiritual” because that was easier for me than physically and emotionally truly facing my challenges.    

For years I just focussed on the bigger picture as I believed everything would come right if I put my energy into that belief and authentically lived life.  The only problem was I wasn’t being real, grounded or true as I continually separated the physical and mental states from the spiritual.  So I was always separate from myself.

I now honour my whole self which means integrating mind, body and spirit into the oneness, internally and externally. As much as I’m able everything passes through that one filter, not just my mind or my heart, the whole “box and dice” and decisions are made from there.     

I notice I feel expanded and stable most of the time and very uplifted when I work creatively.

From this space I decided to combine my love of energy and organic products, and with a dear friend Kathy, a hair and beautician expert, created Good Vibrations Noosa.  Our business is online, retail and hotels showcasing Organic Haircare, Skincare, Flower of Life Silk Pillowcases, Ionic Diffusers, Organic Oils and EMR Technology Protection devices.    

I’ve always loved working with people and it expanded me to think about people being supported vibrationally while facing life’s on-going challenges. We also needed to physically do the hard work to of creating a structure to hold a successful business.

While having an initial plan, we have remained flexible in our structure as amazing responses have come from all walks of life.  One of the most surprising was the Double Tree Hilton Hotel, in Melbourne.  They found us! Here is an excerpt:-

“I couldn’t believe it when I got the email!” It was from the Double Tree Hilton Hotel, Melbourne advising they were planning an exciting wellbeing activation and would love to collaborate with us.

The email explained how they “understood the importance of a good night’s sleep and wanted to create the perfect environment for a deeper and longer rest.  They wanted guests to feel relaxed and experience greater wellbeing in their rooms where everything was designed to reduce anxiety and daily distractions”.

Our wellbeing products are now in the “Sleep Retreat” rooms at the Hilton for guests wanting more than just a room.  Together we are helping people experience a nurturing space where they can connect more with themselves outside the busyness of life.

You never know when magic can happen when we step into the unknown!

Jilly Gabrielson

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