What If?

What if we are now in a time where things don’t make sense?

What if we were being pushed to come out of our mind and not have to make sense of anything?

What if it is a time of letting go of trying to control outcomes, to discover what is within each and every one of us?

What if there is an internal space held by our soul. A space that is unconditional love – it appears to do nothing and look like nothing…however it is expansive, free, still and stable…it just is…and always has been…and always will be. We may find it difficult at times to connect with this internal place as our mind is so busy trying to work everything out, however through our awareness of knowing it is there, it can be.

What if it is to surrender to this space… not “give up”, but a conscious letting go of trying to control our lives to look a certain way and embrace the naturalness of how they are meant to be.

What if the current randomness in our personal life and also experienced in world events, is not random but an unravelling of untruths so our nature exposes itself. No matter how much we want to control things, plan outcomes or have expectations of things happening…we can’t as they will happen how they are meant to.

What if the Universe is on our side and is aligning the macro and the micro to bring us all HOME…to the nature of who we really are? In that… our ethics, values and hearts all align to LOVE.


All connected,


November 2016

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