Trying To Control Outcomes – Is it working?

A piece of rope signifying trying to control outcomes

Why Do We Try To Control?

Are you trying to control outcomes?  What if things are meant to be a different way from the way you might want it to look.
At the moment, with change being so prolific, it is undeniable that no matter how hard we push something to be, there is a randomness to life that will take it wherever it needs to go.
What is supposed randomness, could be about a very real Universal pathway that is unique to each of us. Maybe what we perceive as challenging, is actually good as it gives us a chance to get back on track. This unique thread relates to our soul, our spirit, intuition, gut instincts and following a feeling that is sensed as right and aligned deep within.
Even if it looks less attractive or harder we may find by following this path a growth in our awareness happens which opens our life and certainty of a truth beyond our previous point of knowing.

Is the control working?

Some may say “how beautiful” others may say, “that’s not fair” – “I wanted this to happen so I’m upset that my life is not looking how I wanted it to.”
What if by letting go of trying to make things happen and forcing things that obviously don’t work anymore, that our wildest dreams could occur. If we release our mind from controlling the outcome and trust that our heart and soul remembers what is truly best for us things could change in a major way.

Things will work out how they are meant to and our life will start to hold a more meaningful purpose.

That greater feeling is about love, love that has no physical shape or form, just a deep and abiding feeling of something is right in the universe when we connect with ourselves and others. It allows a feeling of freedom to naturally flow internally and to others.
It doesn’t matter whether we physically see certain people or not, we know the truth of our connection with them. Even if we are upset with them, beneath our mind’s hurt, there lies a greater spiritual truth.

This field is unconditional love where we are our true selves and the beauty of that changes everything. In the moment of letting go of our physical mind, our hearts open and we start remembering ourselves and each other….and that we are one!

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