The Trap of Significance

We all have a natural ability to let go of our emotions but sometimes we are attached to the drama and attention or simply don’t want to take responsibility for ourselves. Whatever it may be, it stops us moving freely from one experience to the next.
By nature we are all light, free, caring, creative and hugely loving beings. Throughout our life we draw in experiences to gain more understanding and to move through them to greater awareness. It is by letting go of each experience from a realness of how it has been that keeps us free. However we tend to make a ‘big deal’ of particularly our negative experiences by keeping them to ourselves, holding on and burying them deep inside.
We get so covered over by our emotions and attachment to situations with particular people that we stay in our mind and keep recreating them over and over again (even if we think we are not) which gives no space for new outcomes to occur. Our time is spent beating ourselves up, feeling guilty or wishing ‘if only’ while thinking we are dealing with the experience.
We think because we feel hurt, sad, mad or upset that it is real for us to hold on to these emotions as they are connected to MAJOR LIFE EVENTS, BIG DEAL MOMENTS… possibly MONUMENTAL SITUATIONS… and in doing that we continue to subconsciously play out the same behaviour resulting in either not taking risks, or playing smaller, in the hope similar consequences do not occur.
We do this, rather than being real and honest with our emotions and then letting go, so the experience is freed and we are free. There is no need to keep berating ourselves, wishing things had been different or blaming others. It does not serve us to do this. What if everything that has happened is perfect for your journey to this point? We can decide at any time to let go and create life differently.
The same old, same old does not have to continue to be created. Something has happened, and now it has freed and you can move on in your life… you may be surprised how free the other person or situation will also feel.

I’m not talking about forgetting, isolating or shutting off. I’m talking about letting go of the ‘sticky, complicated, never-ending story stuff’ and the attached emotions, and letting yourself bounce into a new space where your spirit sings and you are free to have other experiences. Who knows what the outcome might be?
We all have responsibilities, and often money is our greatest challenge. However, if we keep our old stories and emotions in play, and then endeavour to create from that space, we restrict our potential and the endless possibilities.
You think you have to play it safe because you’ve made mistakes before or don’t have enough and therefore have to be more careful this time. Not so – this is the very mindset you have made ‘significant’. No matter how bad things have been, they can change in an instant and your belief in this helps to open up opportunities and create a different way forward.
I have a sense some of us attach more deeply than others to their emotions and it keeps relationships and situations bogged down. It’s almost like we become prisoners of our mind and cannot let ourselves be free. In a way it is safer to stay a prisoner and not take any risks. However it is boring, predictable, robotic and heartless. You start to go to sleep under the weight of all you are carrying, rather than to decide to let go of your upset and possible resentment and free yourself at any moment.
What if emotions are meant to be free? Feel them and let them go so you start to live a life not attached to having to feel a particular way with someone or something. What if your love is meant to be free and, when it is, people feel a huge freedom around you and are encouraged to come out and be their true self? It’s like being on home ground and you start to remember and experience how you actually operate and what connects us.
When we move freely from one situation to another our heart is naturally open and everyone and everything aligns with the truth of that vibration. Then what is meant to occur does occur, in the most simplistic of ways.

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