The Sliding Doors Are Open

We can reflect on the past and know the future exists but right now what is the best move we can make?


Everything comes into present time and it is the connection with this space that brings about possibilities.


When decisions are made from the present time it is not a knee-jerk reaction, as some would think. They form a consistent field of connection with our inner and outer worlds allowing movement to occur in a wholesome way that combines mind, body and spirit. This aligns us to the bigger picture of life and co-ordinates with what is meant to happen.


Every person has a divine path that is individual to them. This pathway has a specific tune or vibration which helps us be more ourselves. By listening and trusting the universe is on our side it will give us what we need, rather than what we want. This develops a more stable inner sense where we are less reliant on external influences.


Through our life we have experiences and gather emotions that take us one way or another. With awareness we are able to let go of the past and be in present time. This links us to an inner knowing and feeling that we are on track, no matter how challenging it may look.


A decision made from this space will open possibilities as it brings us into integrity with ourselves. It’s like we trust ourselves to operate naturally rather than letting our mind take charge all the time where everything has to be weighed up before a move is made.


It is a little bit like sliding doors…an opportunity opens for us to slip through and go on a discovery tour, or you think about it, look at all the pros and cons, discuss it, sleep on it, write down a plan and in the meantime the door has closed and we are still deciding.


We can very easily slip into this pattern as we believe it keeps us safe and secure. Better to make no move, rather than a wrong move. Therefore everything we do must be thought about and planned. This creates a linear life that is based on the physical world.


Many people successfully choose to live this way and there will be purpose in that.


If you are someone who loves freedom and likes to explore and discover, this way may be too confining and restrictive for you? Often we can feel out of sorts in “normal” environments and we don’t understand why we can’t fit in and just do what everyone else is doing.


There is no defined right or wrong way, it is only what we resonate with now that needs to claim our attention. If something is tapping in us and we are finding things that once fulfilled no longer do, or even certain friendships seem to have changed, know that things are on track.


Everything changes and as the macro of the universal alignment is in full swing so too is the micro of our internal alignment to our true selves.


The more relaxed and non-judgemental we can be with ourselves and others the more freedom can be created for everyone as we let go. It also connects us with our natural values that are always on the side of the greater good.


It’s to give ourselves a break, we are our own harshest critics and it is now time to stop judging everything we do as good or bad as this keeps us in a duality and not free.


When we view things as experiences that come and go, we become one with ourselves rather than attaching to the experience and continuing to look outside ourselves for the next thing or person to fulfil us.


It’s like saying “I’m going to trust my intuition and go with something before I know what the outcome will be….I’m in it to experience whatever is there for me”. Working with our intuition allows us to spiral up and view things from an expanded picture where nothing is defined, only opportunities to be recognised and explored.


It’s not what happens to us, but where we are coming from to handle what happens. If we view the situation as hard it will be hard, if we see it as an opportunity to raise our awareness to something greater, a totally different experience will be created.


Just as nature is all around us with the heavens above and the earth below, we as human beings are returning to our true nature where we all align as one. One unified field of love that holds our connection and is available right NOW and forever.


Jilly Gabrielson 2016

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