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Are you experiencing challenging times at the moment?

There are many changes occurring right now and people are being affected in different ways whether through relationship, health, finance, work or in general. We are living in a time where uncertainty is a way of life. Even if we make plans and decide outcomes things can work out completely different to expectations.

Adding to this uncertainty is that life is also moving at a faster pace as we live in a reactive culture where an overload of external stimulation forces us to keep voraciously consuming.  Social media, mobiles, visual attractions, offers, promotions and exciting experiences are all continually put before us as a constant invitation to engage and keep busy.

Years ago we were not inundated with this form of input. We would not have social media to distract or interact with, nor text, mobiles or emails to attend to. The more we give our attention to these external ques, the more we move away from our natural way of being.

We are spending less time connecting internally with our instincts and intuition which moves us further away from knowing what feels right for us. We forget to go this way because we are so used to going outwards to find stimulation and answers.

Putting our lives in the hands of others to find all our information can sometimes make us confused and overwhelmed as nothing comes from ourselves.  We are mind, body and spirit, the external world primarily relates to the physical and mental part of us where we see and think things and this forms our reference of the truth as we interact with it.

Often the part that gets left behind is the spirit. The soul or spirit is the energy that we are, the intuition, gut instincts, hunches, deep feelings, senses…all unseen but deeply felt.  These senses are sometimes very subtle and need tuning into to receive the information they are endeavouring to give us.

When we are operating on automatic pilot and looking for solutions outside ourselves we miss out on the natural internal resources that are available to us. When we trust, we start to remember the natural way we work is by tuning into ourselves first and then making decisions from that place.   Everything starts to change for the better because we are aligned to our choices and they carry our energy, not anyone else, which makes us more responsible for them.

We start creating our world from an internal reference point and connect with what really matters to us.  Perhaps a deeper part of us knows what we need to make our life more happy, authentic…and less stressed!

Trust Yourself.

Love Jilly

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