What You Need To Know About EMR

Renown Geomancer, Sick Building Consultant and Manufacturer of energy products Gerard Bini shares what is happening with electromagnetic radiation and other noxious energies in Australia.

Gerard has just completed the Sydney and Melbourne Mind, Body & Spirit Expos where he was a guest speaker.  Recently we caught up and asked him about the most frequently asked questions concerning Electromagnetic Radiation.

What is electromagnetic radiation?

“It is an energy field created by electrical equipment that stresses the human body.  Electrical equipment creates electrical energy fields e.g. Your meter box creates approximately a metre diameter positive ion electromagnetic energy field around it and if you stand in that field your organs will be stressed.

There are different types of electromagnetic fields, some related to the earth are known as Geopathic Stress, Mobile phone energy is called radio frequency and other forms of noxious energies have specific names.

All these frequencies carry a “field” that affects our own energy field and our body’s organs.  If you are already weakened by illness or emotional stress your immune system can be compromised and you can start to feel physically sick from the effects of EMR.

Emotional stress is similar to EMR in that both can have a physical effect on the body. As is often the case we are more aware of emotional stress and can choose to do something about it to help release the energy.  A similar thing can happen when you are aware of EMR and its effect on you, you can do something about it.  There are excellent devices that when placed in a home or building will harmonise the positive ion environment into a negative one and your immune system will no longer be compromised and a happier, healthier environment is created.”

How do we know if we are suffering from EMR?

“We are all affected however some more than others, symptoms can vary, however the main physical signs are:-

Lethargy, nausea, headaches, sleeplessness, anxiety, vagueness and other “out of sorts” discomforts.

When it comes to Geopathic Stress within a building this also puts the body’s nervous system under stress which then leads to unhealthy cell growth and a compromised immune system. Oxygen levels within a building are also depleted with these noxious energies.”

Are there particular areas in Australia where greater Geopathic Stress is found?

“Geopathic stress is found everywhere however in different parts of Australia there are different undercurrents and flavours.  For example in Newcastle, with the underground coal, I have found more people are affected by liver stress.”

What main forms of electromagnetic radiation do we need to be aware of in our environment?
  • Electromagnetic radiation from electrical appliances
  • Wiring and power lines
  • Underground Water Veins
  • Sewer and Gray Water Pipes
  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • Fault Lines
  • Microwave beams and fields from appliances
  • Mobile Phones/Tablets/Baby Monitors
  • WI/FI emissions
  • Dissolves Imprints from previous occupants emotional distress
  • Radio Frequency fields from Mobile Phone Towers
  • All sources of artificial heat which normally produce a sickly Positive Ion resonance of heated and cooled air such as oil, gas and reverse cycle air conditioning
  • Noxious resonance caused by mould and fungi that may be present under floor boards or old carpets
  • Digital TV’s
How do we reduce EMR?

“The main thing is not to be in fear, with awareness everything can be changed.  Invest in ways to neutralise the harmful effects on your body by using devices and services to help you and create a healthy lifestyle.

Do your research on these devices and make sure the efficacies, correct protocols and reliable testing has taken place.  Gerard’s products are available from Kunara Marketplace in Queensland and from this website.

Remember it is your nature to enjoy the beauty of this wonderful planet and all that it naturally provides us.”

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