Homeward Bound

Our current global environment may reflect people’s need to be heard and for those in power to know that their lives matters.  They are tired of hearing the same old political rhetoric where nothing really changes except who is delivering the dialogue.  People don’t want promises they want to feel real change in the right direction where everyone is looked after.


Now is the Time


It’s time for a world shift, not just a minor adjustment. We are in an exciting age where so much is available to us.    It’s not just technology that is speeding ahead, but conscious awareness has increased exponentially.


People are more aware, they may not know exactly what they are aware of, but they definitely know what they don’t want.  Most want to feel safe and connected to something greater which translates to an internal sense of belief in self and others.  Where life’s bigger picture drives us to naturally create better connections and communities.


Does anyone feel that they no longer enjoy the same level of pleasure from physical things?  How big does our house have to be, how many cars, how many holidays, how much fashion, technology and things do we really need.  Do we have an insatiable appetite for consumerism because there is emptiness within? Could the missing link be our heart connection with each other?  People, not things matter to us.


Parallel Universe


For so long we have thought that having things is the way to go.  Our mind likes to tell us that if we have lots, we have achieved. It’s not wrong to want things, it’s just the importance we sometimes place on them to define us as being successful.


What if now is the time to connect more to a natural, simpler way of living that is heartfelt, not just by us, but  others.  Perhaps our heart is beating louder than it ever has.  Maybe there is a greater universal heartbeat of vibration connecting our internal beat with the external beat.  This is heightening our intuition, synchronicities and sensitivities and that is why we can’t relate in the same old way.  Regardless of whether we know it or not vibrational movement is occurring in the direction of our true nature opening and joining with others.


Do you sometimes feel things are surreal, like you are doing something but not connected to it?  Almost like you are somewhere else in a parallel universe…maybe this relates to this conscious universal alignment?


Belief Systems


What if it also relates to our true belief system, where beyond a shadow of doubt, we know we are spiritual beings in a physical body.  Maybe this is the only challenge we face?  While we continue to use the physical reality as our touchstone, many things remain challenging.


I wonder if our current state of chaos and upset is shaking things in an attempt to wake us up.  Could humanity be connected by this heartfelt vibration into a wholesome shift where love rather than money is on top of the pile?

The only place we get a sense of this feeling is in present time.  It’s like we have to drop our expectations and attachments to what has been, or what we want and move into NOW where we are free and let creation happen the way it is meant to.


It brings us outside the mind having to be in control of everything and allows our spirit, soul or heart to emerge as our leader.  Our spirit knows the way home because it has never left.


Love Jilly

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