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Bright Spark Health is a holistic awareness business offering innovative and dynamic wellbeing programs to help individuals and professionals find more purpose, fulfilment, and balance leading to a healthier life.
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Bright Spark Health is a holistic health business addressing mental, physical, emotional and spiritual issues through one on one sessions or group work to help individuals and professionals find more purpose, fulfilment, and balance to their life.

Often our busy lives become so complicated we problem solve from reaction and pressure rather than interaction and expansion.  This can keep us on the “Mousetrap Wheel” working hard to deliver bandaid solutions that continually arise, they just look a little different.  When we solve situations from “cause” the dynamic is lasting change.

We help clients to connect at another level to find their natural flow where life becomes effortless and things start occurring how they are meant to rather than how we think they should.

This is achieved through creating the space for clients to understand what beliefs and behaviours they are holding on to and offering tools that make it easy to let go and come into present time where vibrancy for life returns.

If you would like to gain more internal freedom around finances, relationships, career or health call and arrange a one hour Personal Session ($90) or Corporate Coaching Session ($150).



We help clients reconnect internally and find their natural flow where life becomes effortless and things occur how they are meant to rather than trying to control outcomes. Our world can get very complicated at times when we go into a small picture to find solutions for everything.  We forget about our gut instincts, intuition and using other senses to help align our natural way of living.


Our programs are unique and highly effective. We work by increasing the client’s internal awareness which takes the stress out of situations and creates a natural ease and flow in the workplace. When an individual gets their own understanding rather than  being told or given solutions, real lasting change occurs.


Balance between our emotions, intellect and health is important. When we feel in tune our life flows harmoniously and others are influenced by our demonstration. We offer information on the latest health products, supplements, research, tips, recipes and surveys to help clients achieve this.

Everybody wants to be happy. If you could do something very simple to improve your level of happiness, would you?


“I offer you a different experience to normal counselling or mentoring.”

“I believe everyone has their own answers and in our sessions you will find them.   Working through the heart naturally brings out a flow of awareness and undertanding which enables us to discover the truth. “

Through this natural flow and being together “heart to heart” we gain a greater depth of what is really happening. Sometimes this is beyond our own conscious awareness as it has been locked away and is now ready to come out.”

Bright Spark Health was developed by Jilly Gabrielson as a natural, holistic, awareness service to help individuals and professionals to live a more loving, freer, honest life that fulfils them and others in everyway.

Jilly has 25yrs experience working with Corporate clients, individuals and groups implementing Building Better Relationship and Communication  Programs.







Whether working with big businesses like Westpac, Government Departments, Retail Management or individual clients, the same principle applies…
Healthy environments are created from the top down and every business and person needs a purpose outside just making money or a job.

When people feel understood, acknowledged and cared for they will perform at their best and all relationships will benefit.


Call 0417 451 904

Individual Awareness Sessions (Personal)

Clients who feel they have untapped potential or are challenged around a particular life situation or want to improve their life in any way, Awareness Sessions can help.

Conscious Mentoring/Coaching

Conscious Mentoring /Coaching has more structure than Awareness Sessions whereby specific outcomes are identified and worked towards through heartfelt understanding.

Conscious Leadership / Mentoring (Professional)

Conscious Mentoring is very helpful to individuals who are in charge of teams as it offers different perspectives and ways of handling challenging situations from a leadership role.

Conscious Workplace

This program is a highly effective process and helps the individual open awareness of how they are operating and what is working and what is not.

Group Values Workshop

Every business needs a Big Picture, a vision, a purpose for the business to exist. The pillars of delivering that vision are the values the company holds.


Gerard Bini – Leading Geomancer & Medical Intuitive – “Changing Technology Toxicity in the Workplace”