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Bright Spark Health is a holistic awareness business offering innovative and dynamic wellbeing programs to help individuals and professionals find more purpose, fulfilment, and balance leading to a healthier life.
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Bright Spark Health is a holistic business addressing mental, physical, emotional and spiritual issues to help individuals and professionals find more purpose, fulfilment, and balance to their life.

We help clients to take responsibility for themselves which automatically connects to another level where they find their natural flow and are able to effortlessly solve challenging situations.

We provide easy excessible tools to facilitate the letting go of outdated behaviours and mindsets where automatic freedom is felt and a vibrancy and connectedness to life and work returns. 

Working this way engages a collective conscious dynamic in business which organically draws management, staff, customers and clients together.

We also offer a creative arm to our services called Bright Spark Business Ideas.  Through an initial meeting we can develop affordable and effective creative ideas and solutions for new business, re-branding or re-energising existing small businesses.


We live in a time where everyone has the opportunity to live a deeper and more meaningful life.  Our lives have become so busy with doingness, information and social media overload, the major thing that is missing is SPACE.  Space enables us to relax, unwind and find our own way forward.  In a very simple way we help you find that place within which enables  a more expansive, intuitive and freer  life perspective.


Our Conscious Business Programs are unique and highly effective.  They have been developed to create conscious workplaces. A pre-requiste for the effectiveness of these programs is the belief that business has a greater purpose other than just making money.

Profits will freely flow in an organic workplace that has heart, values and ethics aligned by management and staff who care and know they are contributing to a healthy collective where everyone wins.


Balance between our mind, body and spirit is important. The more aware we become the easier it is to look after ourselves in a way that nurtures and provides healthy nourishment to our body and soul. By doing this our energy remains clear, vibrant and infectious to others.

We can easily become unhinged by being obsessive in any area of our life whether  it be work, relationships or even exercise.  Being healthy is the ability to consciously align our emotional, physical and spiritual as one.

Everybody wants to be happy. If you could do something very simple to improve your level of happiness, would you?


“All I offer is space for you to find your own answers.”


“Everyone has their own knowing, yet sometimes, life’s challenges can cloud our own insights.   Working through the heart brings a natural awareness flow  which brings clarity and discovery of hidden truths. Sometimes this is beyond our own conscious awareness as it has been covered over for a long time and is now ready to emerge.”

Bright Spark Health was developed by Jilly Gabrielson as a natural, holistic, awareness service to help individuals and professionals to live a more loving, freer, honest life that fulfils them and others in everyway.

Jilly has 25yrs experience working with corporate clients, individuals and groups conducting personal growth sessions and implementing group Professional Development Programs into businesses.







Whether working with big businesses like Westpac, Government Departments, Retail Management or individual clients, the same principle applies…

Healthy environments are created from the top down and every business and person needs a purpose outside just making money or a job.

When people feel valued, acknowledged and purposeful they will perform at their best and all relationships will benefit.


Creativity is very aligned to our internal freedom of expression.  I have also worked with many businesses in developing creative ideas, promotions, events and marketing, it is an area I am very passionate about, hence Bright Spark Business Ideas.  Combining fresh ideas and people can really bring a business alive!


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Individual Awareness Sessions (Personal)

Clients who feel they have untapped potential or are challenged around a particular life situation or want to improve their life in any way, Awareness Sessions can help.

Conscious Mentoring/Coaching

Conscious Mentoring /Coaching has more structure than Awareness Sessions whereby specific outcomes are identified and worked towards through heartfelt understanding.

Conscious Leadership / Mentoring (Professional)

Conscious Mentoring is very helpful to individuals who are in charge of teams as it offers different perspectives and ways of handling challenging situations from a leadership role.

Conscious Workplace

This program is a highly effective process and helps the individual open awareness of how they are operating and what is working and what is not.

Group Values Workshop

Every business needs a Big Picture, a vision, a purpose for the business to exist. The pillars of delivering that vision are the values the company holds.

Bright Spark Business Ideas
  • Promotion & Marketing Plans
  • New Business Start-Up Names, Ideas & Strategy
  • Communication Solutions
  • Staging & Merchandising
  • Event Themes & Management
  • Small Business Network Referrals