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Bright Spark Health is a holistic awareness business offering innovative and dynamic wellbeing programs to help individuals and professionals find more purpose, fulfilment, and balance leading to a healthier life.
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Would you like to stop the constant internal mind chatter and find inner peace and freedom for your natural self to emerge?


We are now in changing times and as consciousness expands, so too do we as part of nature.  If you feel a little out of sorts or wondering what is happening, you may be picking up your own internal shift as it aligns with the Universal momentum.


An Awareness Session can help with this shift by creating the space for you to travel within and find your own answers and way through to greater clarity. This opens a reality where you are able to see, hear and feel more in a very grounded, yet totally expansive way.

These sessions acknowledge the interconnectedness of your mind, body and spirit and how all need to align as one for you to return to your natural oneness.  We have all been conditioned to separate not only from others but from ourselves, particularly the spiritual and physical, we are one and only truly know that when we know that!


Feel free to call me for a chat so you can gain more information and certainty that I am the person you would like to work with.  Jilly 0417451904




Personal Awareness is the key to us finding our true self.  It is an internal journey however it doesn’t have to be done alone.  Working with another can bring about a total awareness shift from a whole new perspective.


As a business owner or manager do you have an inner knowingness that there is another way to work that would be more inclusive and fulfilling to all. At what cost to you is success worth?


Electromagnetic Protection Products to improve health and emotional wellbeing for your mobile, tablet and laptop.  Protection from 4G, 5G, EMR, EMF & Wi-Fi.  Create a healthy environment both at work and at home.


“Our minds are overstimulated by technology, information and “stuff”.  An internal space is created for clients to tune in and  hear what has previously been unheard.  This is where they find their truth.”


“Everyone has their own knowing, yet sometimes, life’s challenges can cloud our own insights.   Working through  felt senses brings a natural awareness shift, greater clarity and discovery of hidden truths. Sometimes this is beyond our own conscious awareness as it has been covered over and is now ready to emerge.”


Bright Spark Health was developed by Jilly Gabrielson as a natural, holistic, awareness service to help individuals and professionals to live a more loving, freer, honest life that fulfils them and others in everyway.

Jilly has 25yrs experience working with corporate clients, individuals and groups conducting personal growth sessions and implementing group Professional Development Programs into businesses.

Everybody wants to be happy. If you could do something very simple to improve your level of happiness, would you?


Whether working with big businesses like Westpac, Government Departments, Retail Management or individual clients, the same principle applies…

Healthy environments are created from the top down and every business and person needs a purpose outside just making money or a job.

When people feel valued, acknowledged and purposeful they will perform at their best and all relationships will benefit.


Call 0417 451 904

Individual Awareness Sessions

A personal session can help you find a new way through any issue or situation.

Feeling overloaded, overwhelmed or anxious? Maybe you feel held back, or blocked around your potential?

It is our mind that has covered our natural intuition and gut instincts with thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that NO LONGER SERVE US. These behaviours are often confining and inhibit our natural flow.

When we explore what is true and what is not, through an Awareness Session your natural way opens and dissolves any blocks or challenges effortlessly.

This can change your whole life!

Conscious Leadership Coaching

There are 4.8 million people employed in small business in Australia,
some of whom work over fifty hours a week. Your job has a huge impact on the quality of your life.

Being more consicous with the way you do business helps develop better relationships all round and simultaneously deepens and fulfills our connection with self.
Business and home life merge into one.  When we naturally become more aware and connected to self we make better decisions that seem to synchronise with a life flow rather than forcing and trying hard to get what we “think” we want.
BSH On-Line Personal Program

7 Days of Awareness  – “Finding Your True Self”

This program offers a real experience of self awareness through daily completion and reflection of  exercises offering an opportunity to connect at a deeper level to self.  Different scenarios and perspectives allow you to personally look at your life and the effects behaviours might have on certain situations.

The available outcome is a more honest, deeper connection with self and others where real change and potential open up.

(Coming Soon)