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Personal and Professional support to find more direction and purpose to your life.


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Everyone needs support at times. How to take the first step….

Picking up the phone to ask someone for help can be scary.  It’s actually a brave and real thing to do as none of us have all the answers, nor do we have our lives totally together.  For myself, it’s been through  challenging life experiences and seeking support at the right time, that has enabled me to grow.

When we work together you have the opportunity of becoming more consciously aware of limiting behaviours.  We take the lid off the  “set” way we have things and open fresh, new perspectives that lead to greater clarity, understanding and change.

We start to see and experience things differently.  We realise when we are in present time, making clear, intune decisions worry about the past or future dis                  

Workplace Wellbeing Programs
  • WW Introductory Workshop – 2Day
  • WW General Workshop – 1Day
  • WW Group Workshop    –  3hrs
  • Wellbeing Newsletter – Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly
  • Professional Mentoring – for increased emotional intelligence.
  • Personal Counselling – for greater internal stability and resolving issues.
  • Bigger Picture Group Facilitation – more wholesome way forward for the team.
Online Wellbeing Download Tools
  • WW Introductory (2Day) Program Download
  • WW Newletter Pack of 20 – (Topics include Responsibility/Complacency/Effective Communication etc.)
  • WW Blogs Pack of 20 – (Many topics addressed through story and productive tips)
  • WW Pre-Program One On One Interview Session – helps open up perspectives and behavioural awareness

Available in person Noosa/Sydney or by Zoom or Phone

Call Jilly 0417 451 904

Corporate Spin Bright Spark Health



Do you sometimes feel you would like to do things differently, but don’t know-how?  I meet so many business people that feel deep in their gut there is another way to do things, but don’t because they “think” they don’t know how, or don’t want to take the risk!

A one-on-one session can help you discover more flexibility fresh perspectives.  Sometimes in business we become “fixed” in the way we problems solve. It may be from “trying too hard” to work everything out and where we completely miss the simplicity!

When a leader changes, better relationships are created with everyone and not just at work!





Bright Spark Health Workplace Wellbeing Programs


One of the biggest challenges business faces in 2023 is staff retention and the cost of constant change through the instability of people’s behaviours and mental health.  Let’s bring more care and connection into the workplace and help everyone to stabalise and ignite to form a healthier, happier MORE productive collective.



The Gift of Wellbeing voucher contains a choice of an Awareness Session or the equivalent in health products.


Workplace Wellbeing Programs

Creating healthy, cohesive, caring workplaces is now paramount in all businesses as we move into an often disconnected hybrid model. Traditional HR often cannot bring heartfelt care and greater understanding to empower individuals as processes are sometimes restrictive. Awareness is well-being and we help individuals want to take responsibility for themselves and their contribution to co-creating healthy workplaces whether at work or home.

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