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Bright Spark Health is a holistic awareness business offering innovative and dynamic wellbeing programs to help individuals and professionals find more purpose, fulfilment, and balance leading to a healthier life.
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Becoming the Best You Can Be



Bright Spark Health offers one on one personal and professional sessions that help find more direction and purpose to your life.



Awareness Sessions

We care about you & your story!


What is actually happening for you?

There are billions of stories in the world, everyone has one, however, we are interested specifically in yours.

If you currently have hit a tough spot, feel hopeless or are experiencing a major loss of enthusiasm you are not alone.  We’ve all felt this at some point in our lives. The difference in getting through these times is the ability to reach out for help or to gain more understanding of the situation.

It can be a lonely place within when we feel nobody understands or cares about our feelings. Often we go around in our head using the same old patterns to try and solve the same situations. New pathways need to be opened up for fresh thoughts and ideas to surface.

When we become more consciously aware it’s like lifting a lid off our life. We automatically feel lighter and brighter about everything, more able to solve challenging situations along with better decision-making.

This naturally engages the heart and because we are all connected everyone in our life benefits. We start to be a more relaxed, thoughtful, fulfilled person who is able to enjoy the simplest of things, to the most amazing!


This 60min sessions is available in person (Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast or Sydney) or by phone – nationally. $100ph
(Call Jilly Gabrielson 0417451904 – Phone sessions are equally as effective & potent.)



Corporate Spin Bright Spark Health



You Don’t Have To Run Your Business On Your Own!


Emotional Support is vital!


Do you sometimes feel you would like to do things differently, but don’t know-how.  I meet so many business people that feel deep in their gut there is another way to do things, but don’t because they “think” they don’t know how!

A one-on-one session can help you find this new way.  It actually is already present within you, however, it’s just been covered over by “known” patterns and acceptance that things are done a certain way and that’s that!

New pathways can open up a freshness, connectedness and fulfilment within you that everyone feels and wants to be a part of.

Your internal shift naturally forms better staff and customer relationships because you have more purpose,  effective communications, better understanding and a deeper engagement with everyone and everything.


(Conscious Leadership 60mins Sessions –  Call Jilly Gabrielson to find out more – 0417451904)


Bright Spark Health On-Line Personal Program

“Finding Your True Self” (coming soon)



The Gift of Wellbeing voucher contains a choice of an Awareness Session or the equivalent in health products.