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Bright Spark Health is a holistic awareness business offering innovative and dynamic wellbeing programs to help individuals and professionals find more purpose, fulfilment, and balance leading to a healthier life.
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Professional Services

Our programs are unique and highly effective


For Conscious Leadership/Conscious Mentoring/Conscious Workplace Programs

We offer a holistic and professional approach to ensure management and employees receive self-management tools, care, and understanding as they increase their awareness and deliver positive change in the workplace.


Our professional programs are for business practices, however, they easily translate to general life carrying simple principles that increase emotional intelligence, wellbeing, and performance.



What is Conscious Leadership?


Conscious leadership is when leaders use their ever increasing awareness to enhance situations by working from the bigger picture which includes intuition and intellect to align to a higher purpose.


These leaders walk their talk and are prepared to be true to themselves and others by endeavouring to work through challenging situations from the “cause”, not just the “effect”. Working this way goes directly to the source of the problem and change can instantly occur.


When a leader operates with open communication and is committed to building better relationships everyone feels valued and included. It creates a highly effective and enjoyable workplace where individuals feel a loyalty and connection to all and a motivation to deliver a successful business.


“Conscious leaders create a ripple effect by their own conscious movement.”

Potential Client Profile


For Conscious Leadership/Conscious Mentoring/Conscious Workplace Programs


If you believe in any or all of the following viewpoints, our services would you./vc_column_text]

  • Owner/CEO interested in making a greater social contribution through self and business
  • Interested in balance between the emotional and intellectual
  • Desire to create a healthy, holistic, effective workplace for staff and clients to thrive
  • Understand internal thoughts effect external decisions ie the micro and macro of business – if something isn’t working externally, the ability to look within and change things
  • Hold strong business ethics and values to create staff/customer loyalty and longevity
  • Believes in importance of listening to different viewpoints, openness, and understanding
  • Encourages effective communication, teamwork, and awareness of self and others
  • Inspired to be a leader and contribute to the Global shift to more conscious workplaces
  • Wants to open any blocked flows in management, staff, systems, service or finance to create a healthy, harmonious business where everyone is in synergy.


“Conscious Leadership is key”


GM Holden Executive Director – Human Resources, Mr Ashley Winnett

Conscious Leadership/Mentoring/Coaching Sessions


My mentoring sessions are different as I believe everyone has their own answers, it’s just a matter of finding them. I walk with you and together we explore different terrain to see where your natural senses and alignment lie.


We often try too hard and force things to work when they are not meant to. The more conscious we are of listening internally and allowing what is meant to happen, rather than what we want to happen, the more natural the outcomes will be.


How does it work?


We work together in person, by phone or skype.


Just give me a call 0417 451 904 and we have a brief chat to discover what you are looking for and for us to understand if I am the right person for you.
From this point, everything just flows. We make a session time and go from there. It is a non-confrontational, allowing, warm space for all communications to be made safely. Deep understanding can take place that opens up hidden truths and connects us more with our true self.


Conscious Leadership/Mentoring/Coaching (60mins) Individual Session – $150ph

Group Values Workshop


Every business needs a Big Picture, a vision, a purpose for the business to exist. The pillars of delivering that vision are the values the company holds.


This is a 3-hour workshop and caters for up to 12 people. We work through an intuitive process which is initially about individual values and expands to include the collective. A realisation takes place that brings everyone onto the same page. A synergy emerges around themselves, their workplace and their purpose.


Group Values Workshop (max. 12 ppl) $2,750

Conscious Workplace Individual Program


The first session is 90 minutes and initiates a present time perspective of the client’s outlook on work, behaviours, communication and relationship. It brings about a greater understanding of their performance and how it can improve.

During the 1 hour x 4 sessions we introduce specific areas to create a fresh new connected approach by the individual which will have a positive effect on every aspect of the business.


How does it work?


Module 1 – Self Enquiry to Gain Clarity
The first session opens a deeper level of the client’s awareness through intuitively answering some simple questions to gain a clearer overview of their current work life status. This creates an honest and clear framework to build more conscious behaviours that will better serve themselves and their workplace.

Module 2 – Communication That Works
This session covers our style of communication and how effective it is. We look at different scenarios where communication hasn’t been clear and discover tools to help change this.

Module 3 – Perspectives – We All Have Them
We learn how to better manage ourselves in any situation by being able to see other perspectives. It helps us discover the purpose of the engagement or task and bring others onto the same page.

Module 4 – Road Blocks to Freeways
In challenging situations, there is always a way through. It is our ability to understand what is happening and to problem solve from cause, not effect.

Module 5 – Purpose & Potential
The final module brings all the realisations and changes together in a real way. We are able to view our work and life priorities from a more wholesome, relaxed and effective place. This enables us to take advantage of a natural slipstream that occurs when we are on track.


Conscious Workplace Program (5.5hours) – $795

Benefits of Conscious Workplace

  • Increased ability to make well-balanced decisions
  • Improved communication and relationship skills
  • Increased ability to handle challenge
  • Create inspiring culture that is productive, innovative and purposeful

  • Reduced absenteeism in a healthy, happy workplace
  • Clearly defined roles, tasks, and responsibilities
  • Business and Systems move with a changing world
  • Improved bottom line with a focussed team spirit

What are Conscious Leaders saying?

  • Excerpt from Richard Goyder Speech (Managing Director, Wesfarmers)

  • “Stop expecting God leaders and instead focus more on how we ourselves can change things for the better.”


    “Stop expecting God leaders and instead focus more on how we ourselves can change things for the better.” He goes on to say “The days are numbered of God-like leadership where everyone wants to be led by someone strong and faultless. We are looking more towards a Humanistic Leader who is part of the team.”

  • Janine Allis, founder of Boost Juice

  • “Listen more than talk.”


    “I have been like a sponge in business from day one, and spend my time even now, listening to successful people and their approach to business and life. I could write pages of things that I have learnt on hiring people, driving profit, making people accountable for their actions, creating culture etc. But really this all gets down to listening, so the best advice I have heard is listen more than talk.”

  • Quote from John Renesch, a San Francisco-based businessman turned futurist and author of Getting to the Better Future: A Matter of Conscious Choosing.

  • “Conscious leadership is a move away from the traditional and intimidating form of leadership towards integrity, unity and trust.”


    “Conscious leadership is a move away from the traditional and intimidating form of leadership towards integrity, unity and trust. In contrast to traditional leaders who spend years building resumes, acquiring wealth and power, and who play politics to build titles and rank, a new breed of managers understands that a conscious style of leadership will result in higher performance and ultimately higher profits.”

  • Eugene Trautwein, vice president of worldwide customer support at Commvault

  • “Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.”

    “One of my earliest mentors taught me the value of active empathy in all things Business. The old adage ‘Put yourself in the other person’s shoes’, the importance of taking on another parties’ circumstances and influences and then utilising this to build an understanding of their perspective. With this unique insight, you have a great opportunity to help your customer with their challenges as well as lead and motivate your teams.”

  • GM Holden Executive Director – Human Resources, Mr Ashley Winnett

  • “Conscious Leadership is key”


    Mr Winnett was honoured at the 2016 LinkedIn Conscious Business Leadership Awards, taking top honours in the Management Maestro category on Wednesday 31 May, 2016.


    The awards, instituted by LinkedIn in 2015, create a unique platform for recognising HR thought leaders who mindfully foster an environment of trust, integrity and openness within their organisations.


    Conscious Leadership is key. Through a conscious practice of business you anchor yourself in your essential values, choose behaviours in alignment with such values, and act with unconditional responsibility and integrity. Through a conscious practice of business you can succeed beyond success” 

What companies have been successful with Conscious Leadership?

  • Whole Foods

  • Wholefoods is the leading retailer of natural and organic foods in the world, and the fastest growing and most profitable public food retailer in the US.


  • “Googlers” feel the love through the tech behemoth’s famed employee benefits scheme, ranging from nap pods and free food to subsidised childcare and free haircuts in some workplaces. Green programs have produced dramatic results on a global scale. Smaller workplaces can help the planet by installing energy-efficient lights, allowing telecommuting and encouraging recycling.


  • The Australian bank has won numerous awards for environmental and workplace diversity advances. Copy their success by including more women in leadership programs, encouraging job-sharing and providing flexible arrangements for childcare and elder care.

  • NIKE

  • The sportswear giant does more than make funky sneaks – it has embraced green goals with gusto, with a long-term vision to create finished products with zero waste. It’s socially aware too, helping empower girls in the developing world and offering generous employee benefits.


  • Employees at the printing multinational are paid to volunteer for charities, and the company’s eco-friendly initiatives have produced big reductions in landfill, water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Get into the community spirit by considering billable hours for volunteer efforts and supporting group activities for charitable causes.


  • Ranked no.1 in Australian mag BRW’s Best Places to Work in 2015, the software company gives all new hires a travel voucher for a holiday before they start and provides generous rewards for jobs well done.
    Beyond the workplace, the company donates a portion of its profits to charities and provides staff with paid leave to work at their favourite non-profit.

  • BMW

  • The German carmaker’s formidable on-road reputation is matched by its status as an awesome corporate citizen. It has won plaudits for adapting to its ageing workforce, including altering factory layouts, offering free health checks, encouraging lifelong learning and providing flexible retirement models.


  • Purveyors of ethical denim, the Swedish brand uses 100 percent organic cotton, pays its workers “living wages”, not just minimum wages, and encourages customers to wash their jeans as little as possible. It also offers a free repair service in some stores.


  • Other companies who include Conscious Leadership modules include Starbucks, Southwest Airlines and clothing company Patagonia.

Excerpt from Conscious Leadership Client

This client is a CEO in Sydney and I was touched when I received his honest and open email communication. He wanted me to know what he had been discovering about himself through our sessions. I asked if I could anonymously share this as I felt it would help others…he said yes.


“As you know I am a complex person. I am often contrary and contradictory. I am very strong in some areas but weak in others. I pay scant regard to much of my personal life and get caught up in work and the security and positioning it brings me to the expense of other things. I am philosophic and a deep thinker but also operate in a shallow existence. My feelings are buried and I like it that way but when they come out I also like it. I treat people badly in my life and at work and at the same time I can be very caring and generous.”…


Consciousness doesn’t work in a linear way, one day we can think something is definitely a particular way and the next day with greater awareness it can look completely different.