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Percy’s Mineral Powder


Helps Flush Out Harmful Toxins in The Body


Acid build-up in the tissues causes infection and chronic fatigue.

Percy’s Powder mineral salts are sulphates, and each of the salts in Percy’s Powder dissociates in water into ions. These are groups of atoms that the body can use immediately wherever they are needed. Sulphate disinfects the blood, resists bacteria and detoxifies.

Although we endeavor to eat fresh healthy food, the soil our food is grown in does not contain enough minerals to balance the acid minerals caused by chemical fertilization. Percy’s Powder contains a uniquely balanced mineral formula to counteract the effects of toxic overload.

The box contains 60 sachets.  Take one daily dissolved in water or juice to bring your body back to a mineralised state.

To read about the inspirational development of Percy’s Powder, you may be interested in reading Cancer: Cause & Cure.