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Orgone Ionic Silver Pendant – Seed of Life


Beautiful Orgone Seed of Life Pendant Sterling Silver Pendant

This pendant is a personal protection tool that creates a harmonising field of Negative Ion around your body to support and balance your own electromagnetic fields. It offers protection from energy depleting Positive Ion influences created by aspects of the environment, seen or unseen for up to 10 metres around the wearer.

Great for travelling, helps with inducing a more restful sleep, reduces anxiety, revitalises and keeps the body in harmony.

Protects against energies such as EMR, Radio Frequency, WIFI, Geopathic Stress, Earth Radiation, Psychic and other noxious frequencies.

The sacred geometric shape in the Seed of Life originates from the Flower of Life, so too representing the energies in the Universe.

This pendant also helps with the focusing of your mind towards creative endeavours.

The Orgone Pendant is especially beneficial to people involved in physical activity by helping with:
• Strength
• Endurance
• Flexibility
• Co-ordination
• Intuition
• Concentration Levels
• Low Energy Days