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Orgone Bamboo Rejuvenation Blanket


Bamboo Rejuvenation Blanket for the whole family!

Orgone Bamboo Rejuvenation blankets are permanently infused with Negative Ion frequencies that creates life force energies to lift and recover a person’s energy levels.

Our unique Infusion Technology allows us to create an energy blanket that is very light weight and flexible, without the problems associated with traditional laminated heavy orgone blankets.

The Orgone Rejuvenation Blanket is permanently infused with a healthy negative charge resonance imprint that may help to balance organ energy levels and meridians, and may assist to alleviate fatigue, pain and discomfort.

The Infusion technology (patent pending) allows us to create an energy blanket that is very lightweight and flexible, without the energy accumulation problems associated with traditional laminated Orgone blankets.

The Orgone Rejuvenation Blankets have been designed to energize and rejuvenate a person’s personal energy levels by being in contact with the body.  The Orgone Blanket can be used locally over an injury or organ, or wrapped around the body.

The Orgone blanket will also act as an EMR harmoniser designed to help prevent resonant stress from different types of harmful EMR fields and other noxious energies which may exist within a space.

The Orgone Rejuvenation Blankets are made from 100% Bamboo fibre, is satin edged, and offers a soft, luxurious quality like no other energy blanket.

Orgone Bamboo Rejuvenation Blankets are ideal for:-

  • All athletes to use before, during and after training or competition.
  • Health Practitioners to aid the recovery of patients after treatment.
  • A valuable addition to any first-aid kit to be used as an energy recovery blanket.
  • For general day-to-day use as a quick body energiser when energy levels are depleted.
  • Especially beneficial for Cancer patients to rejuvenate energy levels after Chemotherapy treatment.
  • Healing and comfort for children.
  • Protects from EMR, EMF, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi and all electronic devices (Great to place over your legs while on your mobile, tablet or laptop.)
  • Size –  127cm x 183cm
  • Colour – Cream